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  1. I tried NUT and this gives the same results, but thanks for the suggestion.
  2. This model firmware v 03.5 is the latest according to APC tech support and the SMC UPS do not support modbus only SMT and SMX UPS models. None of the cable or UPS type settings make any difference. this UPS is one week old and the latest model from APC manufactured in march this year.
  3. So I decided to change my existing UPS an APC BE700G-UK 400w to an APC SMC1000i-2UC 600w as Im running more hardware now and I wanted the extra power. I have always run my old UPS on the default settings of USB for ups cable and USB for ups type and would always get a load reading. The new UPS which is the latest model of smart ups only has a display and a few buttons to change the display to volts or watt reading etc and will not show the load reading. Nominal power, ups load and ups load % just show a blank white line. I have read through the forums and it looks like a few users with this UPS are having issues. I don't get a NOMPOWER or LOAD reading at the bottom of the page and I have tried all the settings, smart, modbus etc. I can't find out of this UPS has modbus built in or if it has if it is turned off, so Im stumped. Its crazy that an £85 UPS works fine but a £550 one won't. Okay my server is very low power and doesn't show anything on the load LCD screen of the UPS or the smart ups software over the internet but APC said this is normal when you have a 600w UPS and are only drawing 50w maximum load, it needs to be higher than 10% load so the software will show that its drawing something. Has anyone actually got this or the 1500i version of this ups to show a load screen. The smart ups software shows the firmware on the UPS as v3.5 and no updates are showing as available.
  4. BradJ did you ever get this working? Im on the latest version of Unraid with the APC SMC1000i-2UC and I can't get any load readings.
  5. It's set to scan automatically and run a partial scan when changes are detected.
  6. Squid I think the docker.img file may have been on disk 5 as you suggested. It crossed my mind so I deleted the docker and downloaded the Plex version of the docker as I was always getting a warning about a newer version being available for download on the plex home interface and I was running the limetech version which probably runs a little behind on updates. Maybe I should have deleted the plex folder from the cache appdata but I didn't and after setting up the paths including Plexpass, disk 5 seems to be spun down. How it would have got onto disk 5 I don't know. Anyhow thanks for the suggestions guys, hopefully it is now sorted. Does anyone still use cache dir these days?
  7. I have 6 x 6TB drives, a 500GB SSD Cache and Im running Plex docker, CA Auto Update, Fix common problems, Community Applications and Dynamix SSD Trim. My Appdata and system are both set to only use the cache disk but Disk 5 won't spin down it is constantly being read and the SSD cache disk written to. Can anyone help with this. Im using XFS and the latest stable version of Unraid 6.6.7. I have checked Disk 5 and all it has is Movies on it. Thanks
  8. Im using a Brontastor Server which has an LCD display and buttons which was originally designed for use with open-e (The display and buttons). Can we add support to use this with regards to temperatures, drive status, capacity used/free etc. Thanks Guys The display is a Crystalfontz 631 LCD, so Unraid would have to provide support for it. There is a free linux based monitoring tool available here - in unraid allows you to add stuff to it, you could try to install lcdproc
  9. Thanks for this guys. I got it working on my ASRock E3226D21. and thanks for dgaschk for spotting the typo. Great help.
  10. Thanks Leifgg, thats a great help.
  11. I was thinking about using unraid v6 on my new server and using XFS but I have had concerns about v6 still being in beta. This is the sort of thing I have been worrying about and it would be nice to know what may have caused this.
  12. If you have 16GB by the look of your profile then that is plenty. User shares are designed to work around user names for access and not share names like documents, photos, movies etc. I have my user name set to private and read and write access to all shares. I have another called guest which has only read access to movies and TV Shows for guests staying over. it always takes a few seconds to access my share folders but it takes much longer if Im writing to shares from the same machine and trying to access other shares at the same time. I would have a folder for e-litrature under a documents share and setup a user share for whoever needs access, be it read only or read and write.