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  1. I cannot get it to work sadly and i am not sure where the problem is. I have a p1 cable hooked directly into unraid. According to the unraid logs its recognised. Landis Gyr E350 Screen; It does capture data on /dev/ttyUSB0 postgres logs; Seems ok But the dsmr log is full of errors: I've read the topic, i tried to delete the serial reference in the docker settings but that was already removed when i installed the image. Can anyone see what the problem is? Feels like dsmr docker can't really access /dev/ttyUSB0 even though there is a path.
  2. binhex-delugevpn stopped working out of the blue so i installed binhex-deluge and copied the data over with binhex-krusader and it was working again. binhex-deluge now stopped working too (webgui doesn't load) . If i backup my current deluge data, wipe the dockers and re-install them how do i prevent it from happening again? I'm still on 6.8.3
  3. 2 weeks ago i updated the container and my torrents where gone so i reverted to which fixed everything. Is it safe to update? Which instructions should i follow to correctly update?
  4. I very much agree with that. In a free market there is one thing that strongly influences the way companies treat their customers: competition. Right now there is no other competing management utility for the modified MD driver. I can understand why people refrain from creating such utility out of loyalty for Limetech. That's commendable! But all loyalty has some reasonable limits. Like, give the guy three years to make whatever money can be made undisturbed, and after that -- it's fair game. It's already been over four years. It's high time somebody untertakes a project for another management utility on top of the modified MD driver. I would invest in such project without hesitation. Create competition and see how most of the grievances expressed in this thread will magically disappear. Those are nice assumptions, but they are just that. In this free market you speak of people will do anything to gain, anything. Software, patent and license wise it ain't that simple though. I like to think Limetech management unplugged the phone and are working there creative magic somewhere on a dusty attic creating something wonderful and worth the wait. It is this assumption of my own that made me invest here and now and what i find appealing all together. Like others have mentioned, what u seek is available --sign a support contract.
  5. this is looking awesome!
  6. I had a similar question and Tom mentioned by e-mail they are planning another RB-1200 build soon
  7. cheers m8 - got confused there for a sec
  8. Another newbie question; How come there is a reference to the pre-clear script - shouldnt Unraid peform a pre-clear by default? I thought the script was purely there to safe time so that the array doesnt need to be down.