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  1. First build where I'm facing this issue. After pressing shutdown the server just wont shut down the machine. It stops at umount: /boot unmounted Thats it. Nothing from there. If I press reboot its umount: /boot unmounted Rebooting But it never reboots or goes off. Photo of the screen attached. Any pointers?
  2. Now makemkv seems to support UHD disc rip ing. Anyone tried this with ripper? Does it work? Any first hand info would have been great before I take the plunge and buy a couple drives that wont work.
  3. Ditched the idea and using ripper. I didnt know about it. Thanks !
  4. Hey this is awesome. Just came across this one. Where can the settings be edited? Can it rip direct to flac instead of wav first and then convert to flac and mp3 (if my understanding of the process is correct) How does makemkv get updated? Is it automatic? How to edit makemkv options?
  5. I have installed this on my unRaid server. My only application for this kodi instance is to be able to rip audio cds when I pop it in just like regular Kodi does. I reckoned that I can make changes in guisettings.xml in the following section as below and it should do the trick but somehow its not ripping discs. I have the same settings on another regular kodi box and I use that to rip cds. Can anyone help? <audiocds> <autoaction>2</autoaction> <ejectonrip default="true">true</ejectonrip> <encoder>audioencoder.flac</encoder> <recordingpath>/var/media/Data/Music/Ripped Music/</recordingpath> <trackpathformat default="true">%A/%A - %B/[%N. ][%A - ]%T</trackpathformat> <usecddb default="true">true</usecddb> </audiocds>
  6. I realize the window was blank because some other user script was running. After I stopped the other running script and ran this again, I got some info in the window. So basically even the 'restart' command works. Just that I needed to wait till the other script finishes.
  7. Hi I am looking to do something very simple. I want a user script which restarts a docker container, lets say Transmission when run. So I went to the user scripts GUI, clicked on add script and created a new script. I named it 'restart transmission' and saved. Then I went to edit and added the line restart docker transmission and saved the file So the script file now reads #!/bin/bash docker restart transmission But when I run the script nothing happens, a blank window just opens. I am able to get the desired result by issuing this command from command line however. What am I missing?
  8. Docker page is blank. Tried disabling and enabling docker. Also tried deleting and re creating image. No luck. Please help. Log below https://pastebin.com/zhp5fwmy
  9. Wow, that worked! Whatever happened razed the contents of my flash disk. Quite a bunch of stuff from the 'config' folder was missing. Copied it over from the backup and everything seems normal! I simply can't believe my luck, I am using this server for, I think, 5-6 years now and just last month I set up the flash disk backup plugin
  10. I'm on latest stable release. All of a sudden the server went down. Tried to boot it, no luck. Removed the flash, did a check disk from a windows pc, it gave a message that said windows couldnt fix the errors on the drive. Copied the contents to a folder on my comp, formatted the flash disk and re copied my unraid flash contents to the flash, it gave a message saying I needed to buy a new key! Flash GUID changed, I'm guessing. (I have way too many unraid machines and haven't documented the older builds properly to absolutely confirm this) So I took a brand new USB, did a key replacement and booted from that. But this time the disks all went un assigned and I had to re assign them myself. Thus needless to say I am starting with an unprotected array and letting parity rebuild itself again. Now when I go to my docker, the images all have a "?" on them. When I click on them the options are incomplete, for instance it does not give the options 'Web UI' and 'Edit' for instance. My config folders for all the containers reside on the cache disk share 'appdata' btw. I thought I could try to fix this by removing the images and then re adding them, but to my surprise, when I go to add container, the user defined templates have vanished and the default templates show a partial list - just 2 of them. However if I manually open the web UI of the dockers, I can access them and they are working as desired (based on my preliminary testing: for instance I can access Plex media server from the app and play music from Logitecch media server etc) I am flummoxed as to what I need to do in order to restore my docker back to its original state! I have never been faced with a situation like this before. If it helps, I do have the flash and cache disk backup plugin. But there's no saying if those backups themselves are of the current configurations which to my limited understanding seem to be corrupt.
  11. Yes it has to be set to 0 for 0777 it seems. Trying it out. Thanks for the help.
  12. I'm using transmission client and every now and then completed torrents are not deleted by Couchpotato and remain in the queue. I have noticed that running new permissions solves this issue (Don't know why!) Is it possible that new permissions could automatically run every few days or once a week or something? Linux noob here so if you are going to suggest some scripts please try and point to something that is a bit descriptive in nature. Thank you.
  13. I am talking about notifications from unraid. Once you fill up an email notification form there's no undeleting (that I know of)
  14. Am extremely frustrated getting a Fedora 23 (Vortexbox 4.3) running box to mount my unraid shares. I know this is a fedora issue but googling the entire universe has not been able to get me a working answer plus I know the unraid forums have some really helpful and knowledgeable fellows and lastly, the vortexbox forums have conked. Now I'm using the Vortexbox to rip my cds and for good reasons, I want it to do it directly to the unraid server. Earlier, it would work if I modified the /etc/fstab file add the line // /storage/music cifs guest defaults 0 0 and it would work like a charm. Now, manually issuing the command over ssh with a "mount" preceding it works but it wont work through fstab. There are also some nfs based solutions, most of which work manually, but when I put it in the fstab file it ends up putting the VB in some emergency mode with the error "Error getting authority: Error initializing authority: Could not connect: No such file or directory (g-io-error-quark, 1)" Appreciate any help!