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  1. By chance do you use a xeon with quicksync with this board and have you tried plex hw transcoding. Not sure how that would work with a board that also has an ipmi gpu.
  2. I'm assuming the ones grouped together are the x16 slot and adjacent? All others are isolated?
  3. Did you dig further into this with the X9 board? Curious to know the result.
  4. Futureproofing more than anything. And an excuse to have a ridiculous amount of storage space.
  5. Decided to pull the trigger on a Supermicro X11SCA-F board with 32GB DDR4 ECC memory. Can use the i7 and non ECC memory with this board for now and then swap out for the ECC and Xeon when it's available. The gaming board can be easily sold.
  6. I'd love to avoid managing another server. I think we suitable backups and checksums, unRAID is fine even without ECC. I'd hazard to guess that the majority of users on these forums are not using server-grade equipment with ECC memory.
  7. I've got friends in IT so I've probably been letting them sway me too much with their ECC/ZFS special sauce talk... I'll probably stick with it all in unRAID for simplicity.
  8. I saw that but can't seem to find it for sale anywhere. Too soon I guess. That would be the ideal setup.
  9. So, I've got a bit of a first world dilemma. I've got 112TB of usable storage, and only 35TB used. I've decided I'd like to flip the switch and start archiving media in 4K. Unfortunately my previous server (dual E5-2667v2), while having a really high passmark, couldn't cut it with software transcoding in Plex. I learned about Coffee Lake iGPU support in the latest 6.6 release candidates and thought I should give Plex HW transcoding a shot. I bought an i7-8700K and Asus Prime Z370-A board and swapped it into my Supermicro 24 bay chassis in place of my dual Xeon setup. Plex performance has been amazing with 4K. HW transcoding is something I want to maintain, however I'm a little torn. I liked having server-grade gear with ECC memory to have that extra little protection for the 1TB or so data that is extra important to me (family photos, videos, documents, ripped music collection, etc.). I like the idea of keeping everything with unRAID but am considering moving important data to a separate small FreeNAS server. Am I really worrying for nothing? I've been using btrfs so at least all data is checksummed. I have backups. The power savings have been nice to ditch the dual Xeon setup, but just not sure how long I can trust consumer gear to last when running 24/7. Hoping the community can offer some thoughts.
  10. Decided to keep the supermicro 24 bay chassis. Also dropped prices. Willing to part out.
  11. Noticed some text overlap on system devices page.
  12. I've got a new Z370 board which works find to passthrough a GPU in PCIEx16 slot one without the ACS patch, however if I want to use any PCIe device in slot 2, it shares an IOMMU group with slot 1 and so to separate, I need to use ACS override. I haven't noticed any ill effects by doing this, but I haven't ran it for very long. Given the warnings I've seen, should I be concerned long term? Why are these warnings there?