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  1. I figured out my issue. All is well. Thanks.
  2. I've tried everything to get this working between two unraid servers but no matter what I try, I keep getting prompted for a password. Did something change in 6.9 that does not allow this for root users?
  3. Thanks. I actually got it worked by moving my docker containers to a separate VLAN. I have unifi network gear so this was pretty easy.
  4. I've got an hpe gen10+. It has 4 drive bays and 1 PCIe slot. The PCIe is populated with a GPU for hw transcoding. I am current using the server mainly as a docker/VM host with bulk media storage on a Synology. Eyeing some 16tb exos drives and considering buying 4 for the server but then I lose drive bays for my Unraid cache and VM/docker storage. The server has two usb 3.2 gen 2 ports. Would I be nuts to consider buying two external gen 2 usb SSDs to run my cache pool? Looks like near nvme speeds can be had with these but don't know about reliability
  5. Power is definitely not cheap in Canada, but the Xeon is still pretty low power compared to the dual Xeon rackmount servers I used to run.
  6. I'm using one with Unraid. Working nicely. I wish it had onboard nvme but otherwise it's great.
  7. I've been trying to run most services on Unraid for ease of backup and to centralize everything. The ones that are causing me some grief are AdGuardHome for DNS and WireGuard for VPN. I love the WireGuard plugin for Unraid and it is my preference to run this. If I run AdGuardHome on a Rpi4, everythings works great, but then I need to keep the Pi4 running and maintained (not that big a deal really). If I spin up an AdGuardHome docker container, I need to run with a custom IP on br0 so that it can have free access to DNS type ports. When using a custom IP, WireGu
  8. By chance do you use a xeon with quicksync with this board and have you tried plex hw transcoding. Not sure how that would work with a board that also has an ipmi gpu.
  9. I'm assuming the ones grouped together are the x16 slot and adjacent? All others are isolated?
  10. Did you dig further into this with the X9 board? Curious to know the result.
  11. Futureproofing more than anything. And an excuse to have a ridiculous amount of storage space.