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  1. on my system running 6.8.0 system stats disk usage page looks like this. my monitor is an NEC 2k. Is it my monitor or is there a way to scale up the graphics?
  2. OK .. I believe I have figured it out. My linux machine was set to dhcp and somehow it assigned the network ip out of the ip range of the unraid docker. So ... I assigned a static ip on the linux machine and presto... i have UI again .. I suppose if anyone else has exhausted all other avenues .. check your machines ip address. lesson learned. Thanks binhex for taking the time to troubleshoot
  3. I have it running on one machine just to test it out. but when I use another machine it still doesn't work even when I have PIA turned off. I'm not using pfsense. I do have ubiquiti USG and I've looked for anomalies there but didn't see anything that could be blocking
  4. steve@ubuntu-18:~$ sudo ufw status verbose [sudo] password for steve: Status: inactive I think ubuntu allows all outbound traffic by default Is there anywhere else I should look that might be keeping the UI from loading
  5. well almost figured it out.... It loads fine on my windows machine but still won't load the webUI on my Ubuntu machine where I have the PIA client installed. It actually did load for a minute then when I tested it again it wouldn't load. I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 OK I tried on another linux machine and the webUI won't load there either... What could be the matter?
  6. my LAN is actually configured as I've tried and still no go. I did read Q3 and then googled around and from what I can gather it should work. I am able to run pia from linux just fine. I've also deleted docker.img and started over with same results. OK I figured it out .. It's nothing to do with my configuration or the docker .. I have two LAN interfaces on my server and they were both connected however it was a hardware configuration that was screwing things up so I unplugged one LAN cable and now I am able to get to the webUI. . Thanks for confirming my .log was ok. That really led me to investigate what else could be wrong. Again great docker.. thanks for the work.
  7. Well, I have exhausted my brain trying to get the web UI to work. It runs fine when VPN_ENABLED is set to no. Can you have a look at my supervisord.log? supervisord.log
  8. fixed it .. thanks for the help
  9. ok I didn't realize there was a container in CA so I used that and now have an edit option. Hopefully all goes well
  10. That is my question. I'm going to start over with the installation
  11. Yes that is what I expect to see ... but there is no edit option in the xeoma container
  12. OK but other than clicking on the docker icon on the docker tab to pull up settings is there somewhere else i should be looking? There appears to be no option for editing the config from the drop down on the icon.
  13. I get this error when i run Fix Common Problems Docker application Xeoma has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option How do I fix this... There is no edit option on the Xeoma container so I would have to include it in the build? Is there a way to edit the files otherwise?
  14. I'm going to have to school myself on user shares .. Right now I'm sharing everything. I'm looking into SyncBackSE Thanks for the reply
  15. I can see the principles and syntax and I understand how they are supposed to work .. however I need a starting point .. say I want to copy my downloads folder on my pc to my unraid server. I'm thinking the unraid server should be the host since I have several machines I would like to sync certain folders on. The problem I'm having is where to start. What's the first thing I should do or be concerned about. My first scenario would be: Sync downloads from win 7 D:\downloads to UNRAID_server disk5\downloads. Do I need to invoke rsync daemon or is it already running .. or even installed? How to tell? On the windows machine I have looked at deltacopy as being client side software to communicate to the unraid machine. Is there something else or is this even necessary? I'm going to be asking a lot of dumb questions. My apologies for not being more apt at linux stuff. I've seen plenty of tutorials but they all seem to assume i'm some kind of genius.
  16. completely dumbfounded but I would like to back up files on my windows machines to unraid and sync two unraid servers. I've read several tutorials but nothing specific to my needs. So first .. how do i invoke such a task.... from the begining. Is there an rsync.conf file already or do I have to create one? where do I create it? What do I put in it? be gentle.