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  1. This is what's getting written to the log repeatedly. ,"message":"/appinfo/app.php is deprecated, use \\OCP\\AppFramework\\Bootstrap\\IBootstrap on the application class instead."
  2. Ok, prefer is not an option.. I'll see if I can sort the errors out, otherwise it's gotta go.
  3. Ok, I guess that makes sense. What's a solution to this issue? Why doesn't Nextcloud write logs to the appdata share?
  4. Not on my Nextcloud data share, keeps one of my drives and parity spun up 24/7 even though mover only runs at 0200. Nextcloud.log updates every minute. If I stop the container the drives spin down normally.
  5. I just want to understand how Nextcloud can write directly to a share that is set to write to a cache drive first....
  6. I realize this, but only when the mover runs correct? There's a nextcloud.log inside the data folder that's being written to constantly which seems to be the issue. The finder screenshot is what's inside the data share of Nextcloud. You can see the .log file there along with appdata files.
  7. Can someone explain why this container is all the sudden constantly writing log files to my array data share /mnt/user/Nextcloud/ even though the share is set to "yes" use cache pool? I have the container configured to use /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud for everything config related, but I'm finding all kinds of appdata/config related files on the data share. This has just started in the past few months (keeps my disk 9 and parity always spun up).
  8. Update: System booted and ran perfect with each CPU running solo in socket 0. After that I put a CPU back in socket 1 (reversed the order now) and the system is running fine again. I do still have 32 gb (4 x 8gb) pulled from the system. Hoping one is the problem. Still lost.
  9. Had the first issue about a month ago, when I randomly found Unraid crashed, upon restart I got this error. I recreated my USB drive and it booted up normally and worked fine until yesterday. Now, I'm getting the crashes and errors more often, but was able to get unraid to boot in Web GUI mode. I'm also seeing this error on boot sometimes. I removed half of my 64 GB of ram to try and isolate a bad ram module. However, I'm still seeing the errors booting with either half of the ram removed. Also, on the last boot, the system booted up running on only one processor and half the ram. So, any ideas on where to start troubleshooting this issue?
  10. I'm having an issue with all my camera feeds constantly dying and reconnecting. This Reddit post talks about this issue. Has anyone fixed this issue with the space invader container?
  11. 2020/03/05 19:49:00.742649 apps.go:51: [Sonarr] Updated ( 1 Items Queued 2020/03/05 19:49:00.742895 apps.go:71: [Radarr] Updated ( 0 Items Queued 2020/03/05 19:49:00.743181 apps.go:89: [DEBUG] Sonarr ( Item Waiting for Import: Star.Trek.Picard.S01E07.iNTERNAL.1080p.WEB.H264-AMRAP 2020/03/05 19:49:00.743378 pollers.go:121: [DEBUG] Sonarr: Status: Star.Trek.Picard.S01E07.iNTERNAL.1080p.WEB.H264-AMRAP (Extracted, Awaiting Import, elapsed: 16h7m36s, found: true) 2020/03/05 19:49:00.743527 logs.go:57: [Unpackerr] Queue: [0 waiting] [0 queued] [0 extracting] [1 extracted] [0 imported] [0 failed] [0 deleted], Totals: [0 restarts] [1 finished] Was working for a week or so, no changes except for the docker updates. Seems to be unpacking and Sonarr is importing, but then unpackerr doesn't know it's been imported and it sits. Same issue is happening with Radarr also.
  12. Well, I'd make the "host path" a mandatory field at the top of the template not a hidden section at the bottom. Then. if "/torrents" is all that needs to be in the *arr path fields they don't seem to be necessary and could just be default values. I think most people are going to assume that the path is the completed directory which doesn't seem to be the case in the template.
  13. You're welcome. It's not you, the container setup is very confusing.
  14. I did the same thing as you did in my first attempt to set this up. Here's what you need to do: Add a path like below, except use "/mnt/user/Download/complete/" Change your Sonarr and Radarr paths to "/torrents".