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  1. To close the loop on this, I was missing something. I noticed there was a version showing for IGFX VBOIS in the BIOS but not GOP. I changed the video option ROM from Legacy to UEFI. Additionally, I changed the primary PCIE device from 'Auto' to 'On Board'. the i915 driver now loads and I can maintain video via ipmi. (Just in case someone else runs into the same issue)
  2. I'm curious to know if anyone has tested this on 6.7.0-rc6. I'm setting up a new server now with an x11sca-f and an e-2146g. I've got the BIOS set as shown in this thread and the kernel option for i915.disable_display=1 in my syslinux.cfg. I'm getting disconnected from my ipmi session as soon as I load the i915 driver. I feel like I'm missing something...
  3. I don't believe unraid will mount NTFS formatted drives for array use. I think you are going to have to format them to XFS in order to use the drives in the array.
  4. I think this would be a useful addition for people who want to tie the case fans to HDD temps and the CPU fan to CPU temps. If the CPU is being worked and gets hot but the HDDs aren't, the case fans could spin faster based on CPU temp to evacuate the heat based.
  5. I think that would work. I'd did some quick reading on pcie and you should be able to use the pcie x16 slots for your network card and SATA card. On the x11sca-f board, using both pcie x16 slots limits them to x8/x8, so be aware of that.
  6. In looking at the block diagram and reading the manual, I think one of the m.2 nvme slots is shared with the pcie x 4 slot, meaning you could use one of the m.2 slots but not both if you wanted to also use the pcie x4 slot.
  7. Interesting. I didn't notice the lack of video support for the x11scm-f until I compared the specs with the ATX sized x11sca-f. I assumed there were only minor differences between the two. If you look at the specs for the x11sca-f: https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/X11/X11SCA-F.cfm , you can see it states support for intel UDH P630 graphics. (Item 5 and under the 'Video Output' specs) I would take the lack of these statements on the page for the x11scm-f to indicate it doesn't support on-chip video. Certainly not stated very clearly, for sure. If you have the space for an ATX board, you might look into the x11sca-f as several others seem to have it working. I'm still piecing mine together but I purchased the MB and e-2146g based on their success.
  8. Try reading the second page of this thread. There's a bit of talk about BIOS settings and kernel options that people have had success with. I just picked up an X11SCA-F (ATX version instead of M-ATX) but I haven't had a chance to test this out.
  9. I'm not using the user shares function currently for writing, but I can tell you that if I access the 'video' folder on my Unraid, I see all of the files that are on all of the disks that have the 'video' folder on the root. So, I believe the answer to your question is YES. Also, I have folders on all of my drives that are one level down from the root directory and they operate in the same fashion.. i.e. I can see all files on all disks that share the same directory name. /Video/DVD_Movies/ for example shows all files on all disks in the DVD_Movies folder. Hope this helps! Scott
  10. Well...I fixed it. Upon doing more research, I found that I needed to install smbfs. I was sure it was already installed, but...After installing smbfs, I was able to mount the necessary shares from my Unraid to the new linux box. Thanks! Scott
  11. Hello all, I've had an Unraid server set up and working for over a year now. It houses all of my media files and has been working well with the windows boxes in my house. Recently, I set up a linux box using Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10). I'm currently using gnome as the desktop. When I try to access anything on the Unraid server using mplayer or vlc, they just don't play. I have read that is has something to do with gnome-vfs(?) and that I can mount the Unraid share as smb to try and get it to work. So...I've made a directory /media/video to set as the mount point and I run the following command: sudo mount -t smbfs //tower/Video /media/video with Video being a share on the Unraid server named 'tower'. I seem to get the following error: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //tower/Video, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so I'm pretty new to linux. Am I doing this the right way? What else am I missing? Your help is greatly appriciated, Scott Edit...I'm running Unraid version 4.2.beta4.
  12. Do you know which pci-e sata controller cards you will be using? I haven' done a bunch of in depth research on the subject but...It seems like any pci-e sata controller I have found is either very expensive or only has 2 ports. I'd be interested in finding an inexpensive 4 port pci-e card for my server.
  13. I did say that I hadn't done any read/write testing, but I do remember the speed shown during the last parity check. I ran it a week or so ago when I moved from 4beta10 to 4 final. I saw speeds in the 70k kb/s - 74k kb/s range. Of course it started out fast, then slowed down. I didn't see as drastic of a drop off in speed as I thought I would during the check. That is, however, with only 3 drives (2+parity) in the system.
  14. Oops..just saw you are looking for a ddr board..I've got an msi k8n neo4 that I tried briefly w/Unraid and it did work. Problem with that is, they aren't cheap if you can even find 'em.
  15. I am currently running the following AMD system: AMD Sempron64 3000+ socket am2 Asus M2NPV-VM Motherboard 2x512 mb Corsair ram 3x500 gb Samsung drives Seasonic 330W Memorex 512mb usb drive Unraid 4 final It has been running without a hiccup for about a month now. I haven't tested the read/write speed, but it works well serving media. The whole thing was fairly cheap to build, too. Would I recommend it to someone else? SURE!