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  1. Hi:) My usb flash drive decided to die yesterday, now got it all back up and running with a new usb stick. also now seen one of my older 1tb samsung drives has errors on it, i need more space anyway, so plan is to replace the current 3tb wd green parity with a 4tb wd red drive. Then swap the old 1tb samsung in the array for the 3tb wd green. i'm happy with replacing the parity, what is the best/easiest way of getting the 3tb into the array? will it need formatting externally somehow? many thanks for your time
  2. this is how i have Radarr and Sab dockers setup
  3. Please see attached for the latest full log, keeps coming up with the text Couldn't import movie /data/complete/Reservoir Dogs 1992 1080p BluRay DTS x264-CyTSuNee/Reservoir.Dogs.1992.1080p.BluRay.DTS.x264-CyTSuNee.mkv: Root folder '/completed movies/' was not found. thanks again Squid radarr.txt
  4. with it setup like above it is still leaving the files in downloads/complete/movies/, not moving them to my movie folder? do i even use the movie category in sab or just leave all the categories blank?
  5. thanks for the help Squid:) so in my case to copy the faq like below: App Name Container Volume Host Volume nzbGet /config /mnt/cache/appdata/nzbget /downloads /mnt/cache/appdata/downloads sonarr /config /mnt/cache/appdata/sonarr /downloads /mnt/cache/appdata/downloads i've now setup like this: Radarr: /data /mnt/user/downloads//media /mnt/user/Video2/Movies//config /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-radarr Sab: data /mnt/user/downloads/ /config /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-sabnzbd the completed movie download files are still going into downloads/complete/movies/ which i'm assuming is as i have the movie category path in sab set to /data/complete/movies?? i want when finished to go into my main movie folder on the server should i be mapping another path in the sab docker to my movie folder on my server /mnt/video2/movies/ then making that the movie category path in sab? thanks again for your time
  6. i now have it set up like this /media /mnt/user/Video2/Movies//config /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-radarr/data /mnt/user/downloads/complete/movies/ is that what you meant? i've tested a download and it still downloads to the folder set in sab /data/complete/movies then it remains in that folder? many thanks for the help
  7. i've recently re-installed sab, sonarr and radarr using gridrunners excellent youtube walkthroughs, i deleted my previous versions due to them never working correctly. Sab and Sonarr are now doing their thing thing flawlessly. Radarr however isn't moving completed movies into my movie folder (mnt/user/Video2/Movies/) , this is how the mappings are set in Radarr /data /mnt/user/downloads//media /mnt/user/Video2/Movies//config /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-radarr then in sab i have the category called "movies" with the path /data/complete/movies (the folder i created as advised in the walkthrough). the completed files are downloading into that folder and staying in there. should i set the path in the sab category to /media? then this will download directly into my movie folder? apologies if these are stupid questions but i'm just trying to get everything working as it should for once:) many thanks for your time
  8. i've also just rolled back t0 6.3.5 as the problems seemed to start when i upgraded to the latest rc, in the fix common problems plugin its coming up with cache (CT240BX200SSD1_1549F012903C) has file system errors (No file system (32)) is there anyway of me getting the docker settings etc from the old drive? thanks again also now i've rolled back and its saying the cache is unmountable i can now access my shares etc (no dockers though)
  9. many thanks for the reply. i've checked the connections all looked good. also shutdown and removed refitted them and it is still the same could the cache be faulty? worth trying another drive in there?
  10. hi:) i've downloaded my diagnostics please see attached. Version 6.4.0-rc8q appears to power up fine, but on starting the array it hangs and becomes unresponsive to poweroff/reboot commands from the console this line is coming up in array status Warning: Division by zero in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/DashUpdate.php on line 128 and the ssd cache is getting hot if left running. any ideas of the problem??
  11. i still can't connect to my sabnzbd, i think i need to regenerate the certs however the links in the posts above aren't showing up for me. can a kind individual link to the relevant thread for me please as i've had a non working sab install on my server now for weeks:-/
  12. i can't see binhex's sig, could anyone put a link up please as my sab isn't working. happy to roll back if i can just to get a functioning install. now sorted, i'm so dumb!
  13. Hi:) I'm wanting to setup a cctv system using 4 poe external ip cams (hikvision or similar), I'm hoping to use blue iris software running in win 10 VM on my unraid server, with cat6 linking cameras to poe switch then into router. Is it possible to install a disk that's independent, that the win 10 vm can then use for the camera feeds? Server currently has sonar, sab, cp, Dropbox and emby dockers running. Plan is to also get tvheadend up and running. Running i5 4460 with 16gb of ram, Will my setup struggle? Anything else I need to be aware of? Many thanks:)
  14. Can anyone advise on my issue above please? Should I do a clean install?
  15. i'm having issues running the 6.2.0 beta 23, i've installed a TBS dvb-s2 card to make use of the tvheadend docker, so i used the unraid dvb plugin to install the TBS 6.2.0 beta 23 image. upon reboot my dockers and the vm tabs had disappeared, i've attempted reinstalling the stock beta 23 & even downgrading to 6.1.9 & multiple reboots but still the same. i currently have the TBS 6.2.0 beta 23 image installed i've attached my diagnostics, help please:)