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  1. Weird. Mine's never done that. Make sure there's nothing else using the ports the container is trying to use.
  2. There were severe connectivity issues between ZeroTier 1.10.4 Linux-based clients and 1.10.4 Windows clients that forced them to fix and release a newer updated 1.10.5 version of the clients that now no longer has these issues. Try updating your PC's ZeroTier client to the latest 1.10.5 client.
  3. Seems this is still pointing to version 1.10.2 and not the latest 1.10.3 from the zyclonite image. Also, 1.10.4 was just released today but it's not yet present in the zyclonite image you're pulling from. Any chance of an update?
  4. Nope. I had to uninstall the latest version and reinstall an older version to get the AMD iGPU to show up.
  5. This now refuses to upgrade or even install if removed on my 6.11.5 box with the following error: snmpwalk -v 2c localhost -c public hrFSMountPoint snmpwalk failure Couldn't find /boot mount point. SNMP output: Timeout: No Response from localhost plugin: run failed: /bin/bash Executing hook script: post_plugin_checks The /boot mount is there as is the /boot/config/plugins/snmp/ directory. UPDATE: uninstalling, deleting the directory and trying again still fails with the same error. Deleting the directory and installing via the HTTPS link doesn't even install but it does create the snmp directory and downloads the packages for install it just never installs them. UPDATE2: OK, after running 'removepkg net-snmp unraid-snmp' after uninstalling it and deleting the directory I was finally able to install the updated version again from apps. Thanks to kubed for the assist!