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  1. - Yes, I have passed through the correct sr(x) and sg(x) devices. The autorip service installs successfully for each drive. Each one will work independently just not concurrently. (I'll collect a log output from a concurrent run shortly) - With the dvd and bluray drives attached and passed thru, the bluray is painfully slow, with only the bluray attached, it runs at normal expected speed.(I have also force swapped their enumeration order thinking that maybe that matters - it doesn't) - Yes, when ripping, I'm using autorip only and am not interacting with the gui as experienced by a p
  2. I'm seeing an odd behavior when using multiple drives. My Drives: Asus BW-16D1HT (bluray) in a USB 2.0 enclosure LG SP80NB60 (dvd) portable usb drive I have both devices on separate root hubs. When both are connected and passed through to the MakeMKV container the bluray rips are mind bogglingly slow (the only movie I allowed to complete took 24 hours for 1 title) When I restart the container without the dvd, that same movie ripped in less than an hour. I have reproduced this behavior multiple times. Additionally, if I try to rip 2 discs concurrently 1 w
  3. I'm using a single rail, modular psu and direct power to each drive cage. This supply and cables were saved when I rebuilt my server last year so they've been in service since 2011. I admit that lends the possibility that the psu could be nearing the end of it's useful life. However,after doing some log diving, I found that both of my recent drive issues have been isolated to the same cage slot so I'm inclined toward a faulty sata connection.
  4. They do have a somewhat sharp bend and they're cabled in pretty tight. I'll order some new cables and see about following your advice. Thanks!
  5. So I reintroduced the original drive and allowed the array to rebuild back onto it. Everything is back to normal. This is the second time I've been bitten by a connection issue. I'm using locking sata cables, so I'm unsure what else can be done to ensure a more reliable connection. Anybody have any ideas that are better than 'goober some hot glue onto the connectors'?
  6. It looks like that's exactly what happened. When I swapped the drive, it started rebuilding excruciatingly slow, and the log was throwing a lot of "Link is slow to respond" errors and ultimately disabled the replacement drive. I just finished reseating all of the drives and cables, and did some overdue cleaning inside the case. We'll see how things look when it comes back up.
  7. Fortunately, I have a brand new, freshly precleared 4TB sitting in the usb dock.
  8. So a reboot cleared the weird double-node thing. Unfortunately it looks like the drive is a lost cause, it fails SMART tests with read errors.
  9. So I logged into my server today to find a disk disabled. I also notice a new device in my unassigned devices that I didn't expect. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that the serial numbers were the same. I am further confused by the fact that it appears that the kernel attempted to mount this same device on multiple dev nodes. I've never seen this before, but my first wild-a**ed-guess is that i may have had a interruption on either the power or data cable and maybe the kernel got a little messed up trying to manage hotplug. Anybody else have a smarter answer? (smarter-ale
  10. So I had a 3 year old WD20EARS redball on me last week. I had a spare drive so I swapped it out and ran tests outside the array. Both the short and long SMART tests passed showing 1 pending sector. I ran a 3 cycle preclear and had no further issues. How risky would it be at this point to reintroduce this drive to my array?
  11. Hmm.. at face value it looks like they're mirroring our fair use laws. In the US we can do everything mentioned in the article. Our only grey area is DMCA vs DRM vs Fair use.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. The enermax supply you linked appears to be out of stock both at newegg and the enermax page on amazon, could it have been discontinued?
  13. OK so in honor of the upcoming 6.0 release and Xen integration (and the fact that I've been noodling with this idea for years) I started shopping around for new hardware for a server I shall now dub Megamind. Motherboard: SUPERMICRO MBD-X9DR3-F-O Processors: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2609 Memory: 4x Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600 Case: NORCO RPC-3216 Sata Controller (Optional): SASLP-MV8 Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 Approx Cost: $2700 Rationale: My purpose behind this server is to build a 'House Computer'. Obviously the starting point is unRAID, but I have several virtual servers
  14. Wow, I'm late to the party but totally stoked. There are 2 servers in my closet right now, Unraid, and a Dell poweredge with kvm running a half dozen VMs. Tom's illustration of an Unraid/Xen setup in the blog is exactly what I've been planning for my server/media appliances when I finish my house over the next year. One 'house server' running unraid, various VMS for subsonic/owncloud etc... and one or two XBMC instances attatched to video cards and HDMI over cat5 extenders. I can't wait to buy new hardware
  15. Ooh... I can't wait for this! I hope P+Q happens at the same time. (Not that I'll likely need 25+ drives for a few years, I just like to know I could do it.)