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  1. Hey! I've set up a test unraid server with some older disk I want to preclear. Two 1.5 TB disks and two 1 TB disk. The preclear plugin recognizes the two 1.5 TB disks as 2 TB disks Any ideas? It is a bug? Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20190813-1431.zip
  2. Ok, If I'd use rsync -avPX /mnt/disk2/ /mnt/disk11 or rsync -avPX /mnt/disk2/ /mnt/disk11/ makes no difference. I just shouldn't use rsync -avPX /mnt/disk2 /mnt/disk11 since it would create a folder named disk2. Got it.
  3. @jonathanm Hmm I thought a folder named disk2 would only be created if I would use /mnt/disk2 (without the final slash) as source. But I'm not very familiar with command line use so I'll use rsync -avPX /mnt/disk2/ /mnt/disk11 as suggested. Thank you. @itimpi Okay, will do that. Thank you.
  4. Hey! Sorry to bother you guys but I'm a little bit insecure when I reconfigure my server and I would like a sanity check if everything would work the way I've planed it. My current setup: unraid 6.7.2 1x 10TB single parity 10x data drives (1-3 TB size) What I would like to do: Add another 10 TB drive, encrypt this drive, remove some smaller drives and reorder my disks within my array (of course I want to keep my data 😃) Though I'm not sure if encryption is the best choice since my antique CPU doesn't have AES instructions. So the array read / write speed may be slower. Well, we will see ^^ The new drive is precleared and SMART data look fine. 0. Backup my flash 1. Stop the array 2. Assign the new 10 TB drive as data disk 11 3. Change the file system for disk 11 to xfs encrypted 4. Enter a passphrase and start the array 5. Format the drive Now I should have an empty, encrypted data drive. I want to get rid of disk 2, 3 and 9 since they are the smallest drives. 6.1 Copy all data from disk 2 to disk 11 (using screen): rsync -avPX /mnt/disk2/ /mnt/disk11/ 6.2 Copy all data from disk 3 to disk 11 (using screen): rsync -avPX /mnt/disk3/ /mnt/disk11/ 6.3 Copy all data from disk 9 to disk 11 (using screen): rsync -avPX /mnt/disk9/ /mnt/disk11/ All data should be on disk11 now, so I could remove the no longer needed drives from the array. 7. Stop the array 8. Use tools -> new config to reset the array I'm not really sure what option I should choose regarding "Preserve current assignments". I assume since I want to reorder my drive and remove some disks I could select parity slots only. 9. Select "Preserve current assignments: parity slots" and check "Yes I want to do this", then hit apply. 10. Back to main, parity should still be selected, all other disks marked as "unassigned". 11. Check if parity is really really really the correct drive 😉 12. Assign the data disks in the order I prefer, drives I want to remove will stay unassigned. (The drives can be assigned in any order, or are there any restrictions?) 13. Start the array. Since parity is no longer valid, parity will be rebuild. Approximately 26 hours later everything should be fine and the array will be "protected" again. Am I missing anything? Any mistakes? Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you. The server is designed for 12 disks, so there would be 10 data disks at max. You think that would be OK? Is there an AM3 socket CPU that supports AES instructions? Thank you. 80+ MB/s seems OK. The server is just used for media and backups, no docker or VMs, mostly vanilla unRAID. Maybe I will give it a try, what could possibly go wrong 😂 PS: Stupid question: Does ten encrypted data drives need more CPU performance as just one or two?
  6. Hey! I'm running unRAID 6.7.2 on pretty old hardware: CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 235e @ 2700 MHz Motherboard: ASUS M4A785T-M RAM: 12 GB DDR3-1333 ECC HBA: Dell H310 & onboard SATA I would like to switch the file system from xfs to xfs encrypted. But I'm not sure if this old CPU can handle the encryption. Will the use of an encrypted file system slow down the read and write speed of the array in a noticeable way? Or is the CPU fast enough to handle the encryption? Same question for dual parity, as far as I know a dual parity configuration is much more demanding as single parity. Thank you in advance for a reply.
  7. The preclear plugin has a build in wipe function.
  8. Thank you, new to me. Good to know. The extended test finished without errors. SMART data look fine. Still two read error in the syslog though. Maybe just reboot and check if there are still errors? Or try a non correcting Parity-Check? Not really sure how to handle these errors 🤷‍♂️
  9. I can set FCP to run hourly or daily. If I choose hourly and skip spun down drives should I set the spin down delay to 45 minutes to avoid the background scan from keeping the drives awake?
  10. It was set to hourly, so I guess fix common problems keeps my drives awake to perform hourly tests. Thanks for the hint. mea culpa.
  11. Hey! Yesterday unRAID 6.7.2 send me a warning that one drive has current pending sectors, I've checked the SMART data at disk 3 and the drive had one current pending sector. Since it was late, I just shut down the server to deal with the problem today. After I've started the server the current pending sector has gone, but the reallocated sector count is still zero, offline uncorrectable is also zero. How can a current pending sector just disappear without being corrected as reallocated sector? The syslog shows two read error on disk 3 though but the SMART data are fine (again). Jul 5 11:30:45 NAS kernel: print_req_error: critical medium error, dev sdi, sector 1465157503 Jul 5 11:30:45 NAS kernel: md: disk3 read error, sector=1465157440 Jul 5 11:30:45 NAS kernel: md: disk3 read error, sector=1465157448 I'm running a SMART extended self-test right now, maybe the test will show a problem. But I'm still confused about this behavior, I don't get it how a pending sector can just disappear 🤷‍♂️ Any advice how I should continue if the extended SMART test shows no problems? I've attached the diagnostics and the current disk 3 SMART report. nas-diagnostics-20190705-1140.zip WDC_WD15EARS-00Z5B1_WD-WMAVU1156825-20190705-1344.txt
  12. I have the same problem running unRAID 6.7.2, all my drives won't spin down. I've set all drives to spin down in one hour, the server is running for 90 minutes now but all drives are till awake. Any ideas? nas-diagnostics-20190705-1103.zip
  13. I've found a cheap Dell H310 and crossflashed it. Seems to work fine as far as I can tell. Thanks again for the help.