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  1. @jonp With your permission, I'll take a crack at generating a transcript with Google Speech-toText. I have an 96kb/s 44.1kHz MP3 of the podcast. If you're interested to provide a FLAC, it would improve the accuracy.
  2. Another thing I noticed during my last incident, when I ran 'docker stats', I could see that the netdata container was marked 'unhealthy' I never had netdata running previously when this happened, I just turned it on recently to try and figure this issue out. So I don't think this specific docker is the cause. Also, from the 5 diagnostics top files I have accumulated while this occurs: MiB Mem : 7667.6 total, 117.7 free, 6593.1 used, 956.7 buff/cache MiB Mem : 7667.6 total, 131.4 free, 6260.4 used, 1275.8 buff/cache Mi
  3. I think I'm having the same issue. I posted previously about it (link to thread with multiple diagnostic files below). Here's what I've found... iowait causes all 4 CPUs to peg at 100%, system becomes mostly unresponsive iotop -a shows large amount of accumulating READS from the cache disk (at >300MB/S), specifically, loop2 restarting a docker container via command line will fix the problem (for example, docker restart plex, or docker restart netdata) I can not figure out a pattern to when this happens. Mover or TRIM is not running. No one watching a plex movie
  4. Sorry, I misunderstood. If I restart only the plex docker, it goes back to normal operation. I haven't tried disabling/re-enabling the docker service and VM service.
  5. @JorgeB thanks for the reply. Is there anyway to check besides disabling docker/VMs? As this doesn’t occur predictably, and sometimes not for many days, I’d be without many services unless I built another system to take over network duties. thanks again.
  6. Occurred again today. I noticed the cache drive was being read at a very high rate while CPUs were pegged to 100% again. Attached new diags. Any help appreciated. scour-diagnostics-20210503-0959.zip
  7. For unknown reasons, my UnRAID server will suddenly have all 4 CPUs pegged to 100%. The result is the whole house loses internet access as I've got Pi-hole DNS, and Unifi Controller dockers running on this box. It happens about once a week. I first thought it was the Pi-hole docker so I pinned it to a single CPU. Then I thought it was the Plex docker, so I pinned that to 2 CPUs. Neither action has solved the problem. Running top doesn't seem to indicate what is maxing out the CPUs, no process is using over ~20%. I can fix it without rebooting by restarting the plex docker via command l
  8. Does that mean the existing container will stay on the final release of forked-daap and cease to be updated or it will just keep the existing name and still get updated from the new project? Thanks, and I appreciate your efforts.
  9. Will this project be switching over to the new name/repository? https://github.com/owntone/owntone-server
  10. Hello, I'm also having trouble after the update. I've renamed the old /appdata/binhex-rtorrentvpn/rtorrent/config/rtorrent.rc. A new rtorrent.rc was created after updating and restarting, and I've made no modifications to it. All of my torrents are missing. The log gives me this error: [12.02.2021 10:02:04] JS error: [http://admin:XXXX@ : 1783] TypeError: this.dBody is undefined
  11. @tmor2 I can confirm HW accel does work when you get the plex pass. I've got your exact setting above, and it works great. However I'm still on on old i5-3570k so I'm really curious about the 4k encoding on the newer processor. Let us know when you can.
  12. @tmor2 Did this fix it? I have the same CPU as you, and I'm considering to move it to my unraid tower. Any chance you could confirm if you can get HW x265 4k HDR --> 1080p SDR with tone mapping encoding to work with the iGPU? Very much appreciated.
  13. I'm curious on this as well. I'd like to set it up with something like: plex.tower sonarr.tower pihole.tower
  14. Next gen working here as well. Thank you binhex!