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  1. @jonp With your permission, I'll take a crack at generating a transcript with Google Speech-toText. I have an 96kb/s 44.1kHz MP3 of the podcast. If you're interested to provide a FLAC, it would improve the accuracy.
  2. Another thing I noticed during my last incident, when I ran 'docker stats', I could see that the netdata container was marked 'unhealthy' I never had netdata running previously when this happened, I just turned it on recently to try and figure this issue out. So I don't think this specific docker is the cause. Also, from the 5 diagnostics top files I have accumulated while this occurs: MiB Mem : 7667.6 total, 117.7 free, 6593.1 used, 956.7 buff/cache MiB Mem : 7667.6 total, 131.4 free, 6260.4 used, 1275.8 buff/cache Mi
  3. I think I'm having the same issue. I posted previously about it (link to thread with multiple diagnostic files below). Here's what I've found... iowait causes all 4 CPUs to peg at 100%, system becomes mostly unresponsive iotop -a shows large amount of accumulating READS from the cache disk (at >300MB/S), specifically, loop2 restarting a docker container via command line will fix the problem (for example, docker restart plex, or docker restart netdata) I can not figure out a pattern to when this happens. Mover or TRIM is not running. No one watching a plex movie
  4. Sorry, I misunderstood. If I restart only the plex docker, it goes back to normal operation. I haven't tried disabling/re-enabling the docker service and VM service.
  5. @JorgeB thanks for the reply. Is there anyway to check besides disabling docker/VMs? As this doesn’t occur predictably, and sometimes not for many days, I’d be without many services unless I built another system to take over network duties. thanks again.
  6. Occurred again today. I noticed the cache drive was being read at a very high rate while CPUs were pegged to 100% again. Attached new diags. Any help appreciated. scour-diagnostics-20210503-0959.zip
  7. For unknown reasons, my UnRAID server will suddenly have all 4 CPUs pegged to 100%. The result is the whole house loses internet access as I've got Pi-hole DNS, and Unifi Controller dockers running on this box. It happens about once a week. I first thought it was the Pi-hole docker so I pinned it to a single CPU. Then I thought it was the Plex docker, so I pinned that to 2 CPUs. Neither action has solved the problem. Running top doesn't seem to indicate what is maxing out the CPUs, no process is using over ~20%. I can fix it without rebooting by restarting the plex docker via command l
  8. Does that mean the existing container will stay on the final release of forked-daap and cease to be updated or it will just keep the existing name and still get updated from the new project? Thanks, and I appreciate your efforts.
  9. Will this project be switching over to the new name/repository? https://github.com/owntone/owntone-server
  10. Hello, I'm also having trouble after the update. I've renamed the old /appdata/binhex-rtorrentvpn/rtorrent/config/rtorrent.rc. A new rtorrent.rc was created after updating and restarting, and I've made no modifications to it. All of my torrents are missing. The log gives me this error: [12.02.2021 10:02:04] JS error: [http://admin:XXXX@ : 1783] TypeError: this.dBody is undefined
  11. @tmor2 I can confirm HW accel does work when you get the plex pass. I've got your exact setting above, and it works great. However I'm still on on old i5-3570k so I'm really curious about the 4k encoding on the newer processor. Let us know when you can.
  12. @tmor2 Did this fix it? I have the same CPU as you, and I'm considering to move it to my unraid tower. Any chance you could confirm if you can get HW x265 4k HDR --> 1080p SDR with tone mapping encoding to work with the iGPU? Very much appreciated.
  13. I'm curious on this as well. I'd like to set it up with something like: plex.tower sonarr.tower pihole.tower
  14. Next gen working here as well. Thank you binhex!
  15. updated from 6.6.7 without issue. thanks
  16. Loving unraid for 9 years or so. It’s irrational how much I want one of those badges.
  17. I figured this out. Not sure the original cause of the hung docker update, but reinstalling the docker didn't pick up the saved container paths. Simply putting all the paths back manually fixed it up.
  18. I was doing a routine update of docker containers. The process hung for quite some time, so I eventually did a reboot through the UnRAID UI. When it came back up all dockers were missing and after some time the UI and ssh were completely unresponsive. I did a hard reset and everything seemed to come back OK, except the Plex docker is now gone. I read in another thread to just reinstall the docker as all the appdata is still present. I was able to reinstall it, and it picks up all the existing metadata, however it seems all the paths are missing as nothing will play. I've attached the dia
  19. I picked up an IBM m1015, flashed it to rev. P20. Rebuild has been proceeding successfully for ~9 hours. Disk 7 SMART test was fine. Assuming the rebuild successfully completes by the time I wake up tomorrow, am I good to go? i.e. Can I re-add my previous disk 7 after a preclear, or should I run a parity check or anything else first? Really appreciate the help I've received here.
  20. Thanks for the advice. I've been thinking of doing that.
  21. Thanks for confirming. Thought the SAS2LP would be more reliable. 😥 Will do. I'll update when I get the LSI card.
  22. @johnnie.black Thanks, I really appreciate your help. I'll rebuild with a new disk. Do these steps look correct? 1. Stop array 2. Remove Parity2 from array. (will use as new rebuild disk) 3. Power down 4. Replace SAS2LP with 8211-8i 5. Power on 6. Check SMART on disk7, confirm OK 7. Stop array, set disk7 to 'No Device' 8. Add old Parity2 as replacement disk7 for rebuilding 9. Profit.
  23. Thanks. I found an LSI 8211-8i for sale locally. I can probably get it in the next day or so. Would you be so kind as to outline the steps I'd need to take to get back up and running given my current state of affairs?