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  1. I'm no specialist but the BUS speed is faster on the Xeon, more cores / threads, more memory bandwidth, quad channel vs dual channel. If you added a second cpu I would imagine it would be better overall. I just went to dual e5-2690v2 and I'm completely happy with the performance.
  2. For anyone wondering I did get 2 of these installed on my board, very tight fit but overall no change in temperature and extremely quiet. Board: Supermicro X9DRL-iF
  3. Man these are awesome! I wish I knew more about css and js to be able to make my own.
  4. I just purchased this a couple weeks ago and I couldn't be more happy with the performance. I did purchase different ram though as I wanted more than 16gb. Supermicro X9DRL-iF ATX 2x E5-2690 V2 16GB IPMI 3x PCIE 3.0 x8 w/ Cooler Fan
  5. So I have a dual CPU E5-2690 V2 setup running SuperMicro SNK-P0048AP4 CPU coolers. I must say, they work fabulous but are a little noisy for my taste. Has anyone tried Noctua NH-D9DX i4? I'm skeptical as the max fan speed is 3000RPM and my current setup the fans are running at 5250RPM with the IPMI Fan Speed setting set to Optimal. The SuperMicro fan is 60mm and the Noctua is 92mm. Thank you in advance minuzle
  6. minuzle

    Ram question

    Thanks for the help! I will probably just use the 4 I just purchased now then, I would have purchased more but he only had 4 available. Do you feel like 2 per cpu will be enough?
  7. minuzle

    Ram question

    It is 2x8gb, I did just order some 1866 off ebay (4x8gb). I'm not sure what the clock is on the ram coming with the board as the listing description didn't say, I was more in it for the motherboard and CPU's. My guess is if I mix the ram they will be throttled down to whatever the slowest speed is.
  8. minuzle

    Ram question

    I just purchased a used Supermicro X9DRL-iF that came with two E5-2690 v2's. It has 16gb of ram (they didn't say the speed I assume DDR3 1866). I have a 20 drive array with 2x 512gb SSD's in a cache pool. Will 16 GB be enough or should I look at adding some more? I don't run any VM's I do have a few dockers though (medusa, pihole, plex, sab, tautulli). Thank you in advance minuzle
  9. I have an older MSI with Z170A chipset and an i5-6600k CPU that I want to replace in my server. I have 20 drives in my server currently and looking to upgrade from my older Opteron 2346 HE setup running 3x AOC-SASLP-MV8. Would those Dell cards you listed work? The reason for my upgrade is if someone is watching a 4k stream from plex remotely I have the PMS dumb it down a bit so that there isn't buffering issues, but it almost won't play at all so I assume the CPU is the bottleneck because I have gigabit internet. Streaming to a 4k TV remotely works fine because there is no transcoding happening. I assume going from SATA 3gbps to 6gbps and the faster cpu would help if not fix the problem? I've searched eBay for 3 days trying to find another server board and cpu combo but tbh I have no idea what I'm looking at.
  10. Well I'm not sure what changed but I tried changing the Extra Parameters to what yours says because mine is defaulted to --cap-add=NET_ADMIN It didn't work so I upgraded to rc3 from rc2 on 6.5.1 did a clean boot and when I went to go login to the PiHole admin page it listed domains in the blocklist. I'm not sure what it was as I rebooted my server many times yesterday but I appreciate your effort. Thanks
  11. I get connection refused every time I run the block lists update. I'm running unraid 6.5 and have PiHole running on it's own IP. I've forwarded my dhcp servers DNS ip to the PiHole ip. Everything seems to be functioning except it isn't blocking anything. Thoughts?
  12. This is what it says now: I've included the diagnostics if that will help Thanks minuzle mediasrv-diagnostics-20170204-1354.zip
  13. Ok, my parity check ends in about 45 minutes. I'll upgrade at that point and see if the error is still there. Thanks minuzle
  14. 6.2.4 currently but I will upgrade to 6.3 later today.