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  1. doh the headphones docker broke. After this operation, 22.5 MB of additional disk space will be used. Err trusty-updates/main patch amd64 2.7.1-4ubuntu2 404 Not Found [iP: 80] E: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [iP: 80] looks like they changed the dir structure on archive
  2. do you think we can get a good plugin to go with this for adding drives out of the array for vm storage
  3. Mine went without issue. What do the logs say?
  4. whenever you have to update again, can you disable ssl3?
  5. Does anyone have tips for hosting/uploading files more then 2gigs. mine seems to choke on files bigger then a gig.
  6. correct. freenas guys are having the same problem with the bsd jail (similar to docker) I haven't looked into it. its worse when the program has an internal database for settings or usage because then you get into a situation where the db is newer then the program.
  7. well for one the changes are not saved when you stop and start the container again and it goes through the update process again. the java updates stop the services and since the containers dont start services like a normal *nix box it breaks.
  8. Crashplan is pushing java updates out. will probably break this container in the next few days if it hasn't already.
  9. this is working as intended per crashplans instructions. if you want to use the UI without ssh you need to modifiy my.service.xml in your appdata\crashplan\conf change it from to <serviceUIConfig> <serviceHost></serviceHost> <servicePort>4243</servicePort> <connectCheck>0</connectCheck>
  10. you need to create a crashplan share without cache drive usage and map that in the container setup. then change the default destination on the crashplan server to go to that share for incoming backups
  11. log please. I moved off dropbox to Owncloud OP post your log
  12. its not working atm, if you look at the logs you will see some errors in there. dropbox app is self updating which is not working well with containers.
  13. its saying there is no /config in the logs. do you have a /mnt/cache/appdata/syncthing dir and can you write to that dir?