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  1. I am having similar issues with Samsung 2tb drives in Beta9... my server is made up of 16 of them on LSI controllers.
  2. He doesn't have a "simulated drive" since his parity is foobar.
  3. It "should" work... I've done the same on similar boards.
  4. you said ion but I think you meant Atom. Most of the small boards like that use Intel's Southbridge with ICH8/9/10 Sata ports.... IIRC they don't support port multipliers!
  5. Yes.... especially when installed on something like a Revo....
  6. I stay away from Crucial. They have a lifetime warranty, but unfortunately you'll need it. RMA back every 6-9 months or toss in the round file!
  7. As near as I can tell, 5.0 limits the RAM per CPU to 8gb, whereas 4.1u1 allows 16gb. I don't think Ill be upgrading as my box has 16gb installed.
  8. Personally, I see running unRaid bare bones (with only the addition of unMenu) on an ESXi bare metal system with full OS's in other VM's for all the other "fancy": stuff is a much more stable solution. I can crash and re-boot a linux vm without unRaid ever knowing about it.
  9. someday we'll have drives that have their warranty expire during a 3 cycle pre-clear!
  10. I'm using the very same board with great success. Specifically, I'm running with an E3-1230 Xeon and 16gb of ECC ddr3-1333 ram. I'm running unRaid 5.0b9 on top of ESXi 4.1u1, but if I select the unRaid usb-stick as boot device it will boot right into unRaid with nary a twitch! I have two additional plug-in controllers, one to add two more disks to fill-out my front panel of 16 drives (2TB Samsungs), the other is a raid controller for the ESXi DataStor. The on-board "Intel" controller, the on-board LSI controller and the 2-drive fill-out controller get passed through by ESXi to unRaid which makes the configuration agnostic as to whether it boots ESXi or unRaid. Great for peace of mind. I have several other VM's running (Linux and Windows) which take care of all my daemon type apps such as torrents, newsgroups, media serving, etc. Highly recommended.
  11. are you envisioning a media server or a huge desktop machine?
  12. I have 16 of them in my new ESXi based unRAID box... no problems and nice and cool!
  13. Why not? That was the intention. Just like unRAID, it's read into memory at boottime and that's it.... no frequrnt updates unless you make a lot of config changes!
  14. hmmmm.... something must be awry in my configuration then, since if I install a package, it won't auto-reload unless I update the .vmdk disk