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  1. @Monty I can confirm that I am having the same issue. This started for me after yesterday's Docker update.
  2. Hello all- AWESOME software! Thanks for creating Paperless. Has anyone gotten it to work via reverse proxy, specifically with LetsEncrypt? I'd love to see a sample subdomain .conf if possible. TIA!
  3. @brbones and @badplanetkevin: did either of you find any resolution to the "ERROR: The argument for -length must be a positive number" and "ERROR: Could not open the input file (No such file or directory)" in the logs? I have been seeing those errors a lot lately. No other symptoms or issues really though.
  4. Latest update seems to have fixed it! Thanks for all you do! <Heading to to 'buy you a long overdue beer'>
  5. Uggg - resolved. I was using a Chrome extension to "refresh pinned tabs" - that was the culprit! Tried a different extension and all is fine now. Sorry for the interruption - back to the real world
  6. Hello all- I've been loving unRaid 6.8.3 (Nvidia version). One issue I have is my login doesn't stay upon browser tab refresh: I have to re-login each time. Any suggestions of where to look? Thank you!
  7. Bingo! Same result here. Switched from Chrome to Safari and it worked fine. Thanks all for the help and responses!
  8. Locally I go through "http://192.168.x.zzz:y/#/" which doesn't work. Outside my network I use a reverse proxy (LetsEncrypt) which does work. Does that help answer your question? I appreciate any suggestions!
  9. Loving this Docker! Thanks for the great efforts. I am getting an error though. Everything works from outside my network but not the internal. When trying to log in I get "Cannot read property 'importKey' of null". The browser extension just says wrong username or password. Any idea?
  10. Hi @ninthwalker! Loving the app - working great and stable. One suggestion (hmmmm - maybe I should check if you would rather have requests on github?): Would it be possible to add a link to the webpage within the email? Thx again!
  11. Hello again! A couple of questions: Would it be possible to add target="_blank" to the movie & series links. I am afraid some of my users might get lost leaving NowShowing. I noticed the Year wasn't showing up when hovering over the new movies in NowShowing. Just "( )". Is that something you knew about already? I can PM you a link to my NowShowing page if that would help.... Many MANY thanks!
  12. Thank you! That helped. I asked in the TheTVDB forum about that deleted series, but no luck. I *might* have found which one it was (The Tick (2016)) as there wasn't any metadata in Plex even though it "matched". It seems to run much better now. NowShowing still did find a couple of TheTVDB errors, but I will wade through those. TY TY!