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  1. JorgeB's post in Parity disabled - read/write errors was marked as the answer   
    It's not logged as a disk problem and SMART looks fine, so most like a power/connection issue, replace both power and SATA cable and try again.
  2. JorgeB's post in Reminder - 6.12.8 + Adaptec 7 Series HBA card = still broken was marked as the answer   
    The issue is fixed with 6.12.8, the commit that caused the issue was reverted in the current kernel, and some users already confirmed there's no problem now.
  3. JorgeB's post in Unable to write to disk4 was marked as the answer   
    Check filesystem on disk4, run it without -n, and if it asks for it, use -L.
  4. JorgeB's post in Shares disappeared, new cache I/O errors was marked as the answer   
    It's possible, but since you have another NVMe device, swap slots between them and re-test, see where the issues follows.
  5. JorgeB's post in Issue with Unraid GUI and Docker was marked as the answer   
    First try to see if the problem is with the docker service or a container, I don't think you can disable autostart for any container with the service stopped, so possible better to just recreate the docker image and re-test.
    Also see below if you have any custom docker networks:
  6. JorgeB's post in changed a new disk but Constant ATA errors occurs was marked as the answer   
    Constant ATA errors with both disks, looks more like a power/connection issue, replace cables and post new diags.
  7. JorgeB's post in Parity and disk errors, please advise! was marked as the answer   
    Diags show errors with disk7, don't see any with parity, disk7 errors look more like a power connection problem, replace cables (also do it for parity) and run a parity check.
  8. JorgeB's post in Try to add a new hard disk to the array - error assign_device_by_slot was marked as the answer   
    Problem is the USB enclosure, it's making all the devices have the same apparent serial number, note the end numbers are all the same, that should be the serial number:
    Apr 3 20:35:04 unraid emhttpd: ST2000DM_001-1CH164_152D00539000 Apr 3 20:35:04 unraid emhttpd: WDC_WD40_EFAX-68JH4N1_152D00539000 Apr 3 20:35:04 unraid emhttpd: WDC_WD40_EFPX-68C6CN0_152D00539000 Apr 3 20:35:04 unraid emhttpd: WDC_WD50_00BPVT-22HXZT3_152D00539000  
    Also note that USB for array/pools is not recommended for other reasons.
  9. JorgeB's post in Proper Setup steps for moving Data to new Unraid Server was marked as the answer   
  10. JorgeB's post in Unraid 6.13 Beta Q - Dynamic ZFS Pools upgrade was marked as the answer   
    You will also be able to add subpools to existing pools, also note that subpools can already be used with v6.12 (and can be imported by 6.13 later), but they need to be create manually:
  11. JorgeB's post in Performance issue when indexing folder via SMB with a lot of files was marked as the answer   
    Try using an exclusive share (or disk share), both will bypass FUSE, which is known to impact performance a lot with small files.
  12. JorgeB's post in Can't update or delete dockers was marked as the answer   
    docker.folder.plg - 2021.08.20  (Up to date)  (Incompatible)  
    Remover this plugin, I believe there's a replacement now, but don't remember the name.
  13. JorgeB's post in Removing drive from middle of the array? was marked as the answer   
  14. JorgeB's post in Are btrfs Uncorrectable errors save to ignore? was marked as the answer   
    Run a scrub and when done look at the syslog for the list of corrupt file(s), delete/restore them from a backup, then run another scrub to confirm no more errors.
  15. JorgeB's post in 6.12.6 Multiple drive issues was marked as the answer   
    Apr 17 19:40:52 palazzo kernel: mpt2sas_cm0: SAS host is non-operational !!!!  
    HBA problem, make sure it's well seated and sufficiently cooled, you can also try a different PCIe slot, then post new diags after a reboot with the array started.
  16. JorgeB's post in hostfile_replace_entries: link /root/.ssh/known_hosts to /root/.ssh/known_hosts.old: Operation not permitted was marked as the answer   
    Try this:
  17. JorgeB's post in No web interface (GUI) after theme change. was marked as the answer   
    Since a new flash drive with a stock install works, you can try redoing the flash drive, backup the current one first and then redo it and just restore the bare minimum, like the key, super.dat and the pools folder for the assignments, also copy the docker user templates folder, if all works you can then reconfigure the server or try restoring a few config files at a time from the backup to see if you can find the culprit.
  18. JorgeB's post in New server just failed, is this a bug, or my issue? was marked as the answer   
    You can still use macvlan if you need it, but in that case need to disable bridging, see the 6.12.4 release notes for more info.
  19. JorgeB's post in Wrong Pool State - cache invalid expansion while replacing failing SSD in ZFS cache pool was marked as the answer   
    poll cfg is still showing as a mirror, try this:
    unassign all pool devices
    start array
    stop array
    assign only the old device
    start array
    stop array
    now assign the new device together with the old one
    start array
    If this doesn't work post the output of
    zpool import  
  20. JorgeB's post in LSI SAS 9207-8i with Seagate 20TB x22 was marked as the answer   
    Make sure the LSI is using the latest firmware, if that doesn't help make sure the disk is spinning up, in case it's being powered differently, if still nothing, it could be a compatibility issue.
  21. JorgeB's post in Server falls off network (again) was marked as the answer   
    There are constant crashes logged, start by running memtest.
  22. JorgeB's post in [6.12.10] Read SMART data failed was marked as the answer   
    Disk is not giving a valid SMART report, if you have already replaced cables it's likely a disk problem:
    Read SMART Data failed: scsi error badly formed scsi parameters  
  23. JorgeB's post in Can't update to 6.12.10, update screen just stops, but no errors seemingly was marked as the answer   
    You can always do a manual update:
  24. JorgeB's post in Upgrading parity and adding new drives to array was marked as the answer   
    You can, the array will be unprotected until the sync is done.
  25. JorgeB's post in Old Unraid won't get pass the BIOS was marked as the answer   
    You can try copying only super.dat and the pools folder from the old flash, that would take care of the assignments, and it should not cause boot issues, but if it does see here:
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