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  1. JorgeB's post in Can't update to 6.12.10, update screen just stops, but no errors seemingly was marked as the answer   
    You can always do a manual update:

  2. JorgeB's post in Upgrading parity and adding new drives to array was marked as the answer   
    You can, the array will be unprotected until the sync is done.
  3. JorgeB's post in Old Unraid won't get pass the BIOS was marked as the answer   
    You can try copying only super.dat and the pools folder from the old flash, that would take care of the assignments, and it should not cause boot issues, but if it does see here:

  4. JorgeB's post in Unraid hanging after a few minutes was marked as the answer   
    Disk1 is still unmoutable, there may be a device problem, run an extended SMART test on it.
  5. JorgeB's post in Broken disk and Docker service stop was marked as the answer   
    emhttpd crashed, you will need to reboot to get the WebGUI working, type reboot in the CLI, if it doesn't reboot after 5 minutes you will need to force it.
  6. JorgeB's post in Power cut during data rebuild; possible data loss was marked as the answer   
    That's not how you should do it, since that won't be fixing the emulated disks, and if the disk were not being emulated it would make parity out of sync.
    The GUI option should work, but if it doesn't, start the array in maintenance mode and type
    xfs_repair -v /dev/md13p1 and
    xfs_repair -v /dev/md14p1  
  7. JorgeB's post in [6.12.10] Can't do clean reboot was marked as the answer   
    The zfs pool is corrupt, you should backup and re-format, see if it mounts read-only without panicking, you can then backup.
    Reboot the server, don't start the array, and type:
    zpool import -o readonly=on cache  
    If OK, start the array, cache will show unmountable in the WebGUI, but the data will be under /mnt/cache, backup and then re-format.
  8. JorgeB's post in One of my disks has gone AWOL! was marked as the answer   
    Use -L
  9. JorgeB's post in Methods of Safe Keeping Your Cache? was marked as the answer   
    Copy the file replacing the existing one.
    It is.
  10. JorgeB's post in Code redemtion does not work was marked as the answer   
    This means you need to update Unraid to latest release first, if you are on an expired trial contact support so they can extend it, but do it using the form, contact options within the OS are apparently not working.
    P.S.: you can also manually update to v6.12.9 and then activate your key, and that can be done even with an expired trial.
  11. JorgeB's post in ZFS VM issue was marked as the answer   
    That suggests the SATA controller is being passedd-throught to that VM, please post the diagnostics.
  12. JorgeB's post in cache Unmountable: Unsupported or no file system was marked as the answer   
    That should not happen when adding a new device, something weird still going on there, try this:
    Unassign the second nvme device, also wipe it with wipefs -a, set pool slots to one, start array with just the 1st device, stop array, set pool slots back to 2, re-assign 2nd device, start array, if it doesn't work post new diags.
  13. JorgeB's post in Update not possible - unRAIDServer_0.plg & Your flash drive has possible corruption on /boot/config/shares/isos.cfg was marked as the answer   
    Just delete that file as well, you likely had some flash drive corruption.
  14. JorgeB's post in Possibly bad flash drive or Docker Image was marked as the answer   
    You have two NICs on the same subnet, change the 2nd one to a different one, also remove the gateway from the 2nd NIC, only eth0 should have a gateway configured.
  15. JorgeB's post in Export entire array (or users folder) as a share was marked as the answer   
    See the root share option with the UD plugin:
  16. JorgeB's post in Help Moving docker.img from array disk to cache disk was marked as the answer   
    As long as you existing appdata is still present it should keep everything as is.
  17. JorgeB's post in How to move data from disk to cache? was marked as the answer   
    You need to run the mover, changing just the share settings won't move anything, see here for how to configure the share settings:

  18. JorgeB's post in ZFS cache pool unmountable: Unsupported or no file system was marked as the answer   
    Pool metadata is damaged, you will need to recreate the pool and restore the data from a backup.
  19. JorgeB's post in [6.12.10] 1 of 2 Cache Pool SSDs died, but both SSDs show "unmountable: unsupported or no file system" (was btrfs) was marked as the answer   
    You must unmount that first:
    umount /temp  
    You can then try reformatting just the good drive.
  20. JorgeB's post in [Solved] Extremely poor write performance to NVME Pool was marked as the answer   
    Try using an exclusive share (or disk share), it will bypass FUSE.
  21. JorgeB's post in Disk is showing errors was marked as the answer   
    SMART test passed so the disk should be OK.
  22. JorgeB's post in Docker can't be updated and log shows : Failed to create btrfs snapshot was marked as the answer   
    Can't see if the docker image is on the pool or disk1, since share system exists on both, still both should have enough space, try recreating the docker image:

    Also see below if you have any custom docker networks:
  23. JorgeB's post in how to change Preferred username was marked as the answer   
    See here:

  24. JorgeB's post in Help after updating to 6.12.10 was marked as the answer   
    Try renaming /boot/config/network.cfg to .bak, then reboot, this will revert to default DHCP, if the server doesn't get an IP, post new diags.
  25. JorgeB's post in Unraid can't see my second hard drive was marked as the answer   
    I assume the second disk is the NVMe device?
    Apr 13 05:26:39 Tower kernel: ahci 0000:00:17.0: Found 1 remapped NVMe devices. Apr 13 05:26:39 Tower kernel: ahci 0000:00:17.0: Switch your BIOS from RAID to AHCI mode to use them.