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  1. Almost 24 hours later and it is still running the test.
  2. I'm positive I pushed the "SMART extended self-test" START button. If/when it finishes, how will I know it's done? Inside the SMART report dump is a line that reads: Its read this for about 3 hours but hopefully this means that the extended test is still running?
  3. Thanks JorgeB. I can now communicate with the bad disk 7 after rebooting. Here are my new diags. Hopefully just a SAS card blip? I used to get more of these years ago but the newer kernels/drivers drastically reduced their occurrence.
  4. I've attached the diagnostics and am wondering what next? Unfortunately I am a thousand km's away from the machine. Can I just try a reboot and see what happens or do I need to disable all dockers and not do any more writes until I can physically check cables and/or replace the drive? The machine has been running solidly for years. Thanks
  5. There's a new version of videosort that supports Python3. It fixes the post-processing error I've been getting from due to the Python2 deprecation. "git clone" and then recursively copy the contents to your nzbget scripts folder.
  6. FTL wasn't working either for me which was fixed by writing to the port file. SHIFT+F5 in Brave fixed the display problem for me.
  7. Had to clear my browser cache for the pi-hole and "echo 4711 > /var/run/pihole-FTL.port" in the pi-hole docker console.
  8. Pi-hole was working great with version 5.0. I just updated to version 5.1 and now I see this permanently on the dashboard. Anyone else seeing this? Ad-blocking appears to still be working, so the issue is just a reporting one vs. core functionality.
  9. So I don't have to worry about write cycles? If I've got pre and post active share logging covered and don't have to worry about flash writes I'm happy. Unless I've missed something. 🙂
  10. I've enabled a syslog server on my unraid box in appdata and set the "remote" syslog server to I'm hoping to store the syslog around reset issues I'm having which get lost from the ramdisk syslog. I'm aware that any logging before the appdata share is active won't be in my syslog server but hoping it still should be in /var/logs (until it resets). Goal is to use /var/log for boot problems and appdata logs for reset issues. Does this make sense or have I missed something? Thanks!
  11. Cool. Backup was from when running so If it's not unexpected it's all good. Thanks for the help Jon.
  12. All sorted by Tom. Makes me feel old... P.S. I see a parity check was started. Is that normal when replacing USB sticks?
  13. I think they must match and it isn't blacklisted as I've been using it for 10 years. I'm assuming I'd get an error otherwise?
  14. Thanks, I just received a reply from Jon asking who I was in relation to the name registered with the old USB sticks GUID. Me and a buddy split the cost of the 2 license deal over 10 years ago. Waiting to hear back. I'm guessing the error was due to me putting in an email that didn't match the email of my buddy who actually purchased the 2 sticks (and I paid him half for the second one). If this 10 year old license key wasn't added to their DB I'm guessing I couldn't have been happily running it for a decade? Glad I found this out now vs. when a stick died as I'd be dead in the
  15. Hi, I'm trying to replace an old Unraid 1GB USB stick I received from Limetech years ago with a new bigger one. Found the guide and followed the instructions. When I hit Replace Key and enter my email, I get the following error (I starred out the GUID's as I'm not sure if they could be used by someone): I'm confused as the old USB stick works fine, it's just running out of space. The fact its been booting my 20 disk Unraid server fine for years tells me the GUID must be registered correctly. Also, the "Registered GUID" from the first screenshot below matches the "not fo