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  1. Sounds a lot more daunting than it is, fixed it in less than a minute. For anyone else as clueless as me, paste that line under the execute SQL tab, then hit the execute button that looks like a play button, then close database. ez
  2. No go, ctrl-f5 and cleared cache in settings in FF. Does work in Chrome though, so probably more of a FF/me issue. Thanks.
  3. Getting errors all of a sudden. I've tried reinstalling, removing entirely, removing appdata folder. Not really sure what the error message is referring to. Just takes me to a blank screen with the Filezilla logo and a red x in the top left corner.
  4. I may or may not have screwed up my permissions in an unfortunate incident with the newperms utility a while back, I was trying to run it from the command line on an unassigned drive and forgot the ' .', but I'm noticing issues caused by that I believe. 122 and a few other movies are being problematic wrt metadata, library scans are also somewhat slow sometimes. Here's a couple screens of permissions, including 122. How fix? :(
  5. So I got the basics setup with the cyanlabs guide, cool stuff. I used the command on github to create the htpasswd file, it does ask for name and password, appears to accept it, then gives me a 403 forbidden error afterwards. Ombi isn't using it in favor of app based auth and is working fine. 2018/04/22 12:46:59 [error] 378#378: *37 open() "/config/.htpasswd" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: _, request: "GET /movies HTTP/1.1", host: "" 2018/04/22 12:47:05 [error] 378#378: *37 open() "/config/.htpasswd" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: _, request: "GET /tv HTTP/1.1", host: "" 2018/04/22 12:49:04 [error] 378#378: *68 open() "/config/.htpasswd" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: _, request: "GET /movies HTTP/1.1", host: "" My default looks like this. location /movies { auth_basic "Restricted"; auth_basic_user_file /config/.htpasswd; include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; proxy_pass; Did I miss a step with the htpasswd file?
  6. Another, all drives spun up. Yeah, it should be shorter, I recall it used to be, but I started making it longer when it failed the first time. I live out of the way so if the power goes out it's usually for hours. Changed it to 2 mins/70%.
  7. It used to work back when it was a plugin, but ever since it's been integrated, it's never properly shut down my Unraid server. I've tried slightly different settings, but nothing seriously different. Time on battery is typically blank, however after the last time this happened I searched here, and read about a bug involving an empty field there, so added something, but no go. Am I missing anything here? Edit: It's a Cyberpower 850, CP850PFCLCD, ~2 years old.
  8. Amazing plugin, thanks a lot. Was looking for an easy way to add an external drive via usb to copy a significant amount (size-wise) over, would have taken forever to do it through another PC.
  9. Oh, okay. Makes sense. Other than that, been using it since November, no major issues. It refused to load a couple times, but resolved itself with a reinstall or upgrade. One oddity, there are 7 torrents, same ones every time (out of ~1000) that will do a recheck every time I restart it. Can't really figure why, there's no differences in those from the rest I can tell. I rarely restart it so not really an issue, just an oddity like I said.
  10. Had the same problem, this was it. It was probably Tracklabels, that's the only one i added i think. Too bad, it was quite handy. Edit, no, added it back in to test, works fine. Must've been another.
  11. Yeah, that's definitely not normal. Mine was at 14 GB's, with 8-12 dockers after a year+, and multiple screw ups where at least one movie file ended up inside the docker image. One or more of your dockers are creating, storing, or moving files to within the docker image, you have a filepath wrong somewhere. Cadvisor can show you what you want I believe, can help narrow down which one is the problem, but you still need to address the actual issue, and will need to delete and recreate your docker img (less painful than it sounds, just reinstalled the dockers and everything was like it was before).
  12. Thanks, works great. Deluge is nice, but definitely prefer rtorrent, especially when it comes to long term seeding of lots of files. Moved everything no problem, with the slight hiccup of the incomplete folder change not sticking. Could you add tracklabels plugin? It adds tracker based labels to the category panel, very useful. Re: privoxy, a way I use it is to use Chrome as my primary browser, then firefox as my stuff I want to keep more private browser, which is running through the proxy. It's useful for many applications.
  13. See here for ffmpeg. Too many packages. Probably the same for mediainfo but I'll check it out. All right, that's cool. I spun up a VM and have them installed there, it's good enough. Been meaning to get a VM up and running for a while anyway for something else I needed, was a lot easier than the last time with the VM manager. Thanks for the work everybody! This pack has been a life/time saver.