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  1. My unRaid machine powered by an Atom D525 is currently running 6.1.9 and it performs pretty well (for a 6 year old low-end system ). I'm currently thinking whether I should upgrade to 6.2 or not. The only reason I did not upgrade yet is this known issue: Reported performance issues with some low/mid range hardware. No movement on this yet. what do you think?
  2. I think the problem regarding BTSync is, that the software was rebranded to "Resilio Sync" with the release of 2.4, so the executable now has a different name, but i'm not sure if this is the only problem...
  3. Hi PhAzE, I use the BTSync plugin, thank you for that! I just noticed that the link to the sync webui seems not to work. It is missing the IP/hostname: http://:8888/gui . Is this a bug in the plugin, or a problem with my configuration? unRaid 6.1.2.
  4. Okay, the rebuild went without problems, and my array is green again . I hooked up everything the way it was and attached the new drive via onboard esata. Now I am running a parity check, just to make sure, and preclear the new drive. After that, I will look for a replacement for the digitus card. Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Thank you for your input, but it did not help. I could use the two older drives on either of the four internal sata ports and the array was working, so I think it's not a broken sata connector on the card. I made sure it's not the power supply or a bad sata cable either. I still have the same problems when switching the jumpers to external and attaching the new drive there. The pre-read of the new drive (attached to the motherboards esata) went to 70% without any problems, with the two older drives attached to the digitus card. Then I interrupted it to investigate the problem further. While trying to locate the problem, one of my older drives got disabled (red ball). SMART has nothing unusual to report, so I think the best is to reconstruct the drive following this procedure, right?: http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/Troubleshooting#Re-enable_the_drive After that, I will do a preclear on the new drive via the motherboard's esata port, and then replace the digitus. I'm still not sure, whether this is a compatibillity issue, or a broken card... The motherboards manual says, it has a "PCIe 4x slot @ x1 speed, with latch", and the controllers manual says PCIe x2 interface compatible with x4, x8 and x16. Could this introduce the problem? I always thought PCIe could handle these things, but right now I am not sure anymore...
  6. Hi, I've been using this controller with two WD Green 3TB drives for over a year now. Today I bought a third one, attached it to the controller and started to preclear. I immediately got lots of "Unhandled error code" errors for that drive on my syslog and eventually all drives on that controller dissappeared. I tried a different drive -> same problem. Tried different ports -> same problem. I think I got the Jumpers for internal vs. eSATA right, I double checked with the manual and what's printed on the controller, and I think if it was wrong, the corresponding internal port would not work at all (would it?). I now have the new drive attached via eSATA (on Motherboard), and the two older drives are still on the controller. The array is working fine, and preclear is running. So the controller is working with two drives, but not three. Am I missing something here? Or are there maybe compatibillity issues with my Motherboard (ASUS AT5IONT-I, Intel Atom D525). Did you do anything special for this controller to work? Are you using it with more than two drives? Thank you.
  7. I just upgraded from rc11, and everything seems to works just fine without make_bootable or formatting the flash drive.