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  1. My unRaid machine powered by an Atom D525 is currently running 6.1.9 and it performs pretty well (for a 6 year old low-end system ). I'm currently thinking whether I should upgrade to 6.2 or not. The only reason I did not upgrade yet is this known issue: Reported performance issues with some low/mid range hardware. No movement on this yet. what do you think?
  2. I think the problem regarding BTSync is, that the software was rebranded to "Resilio Sync" with the release of 2.4, so the executable now has a different name, but i'm not sure if this is the only problem...
  3. Hi PhAzE, I use the BTSync plugin, thank you for that! I just noticed that the link to the sync webui seems not to work. It is missing the IP/hostname: http://:8888/gui . Is this a bug in the plugin, or a problem with my configuration? unRaid 6.1.2.
  4. Okay, the rebuild went without problems, and my array is green again . I hooked up everything the way it was and attached the new drive via onboard esata. Now I am running a parity check, just to make sure, and preclear the new drive. After that, I will look for a replacement for the digitus card. Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Thank you for your input, but it did not help. I could use the two older drives on either of the four internal sata ports and the array was working, so I think it's not a broken sata connector on the card. I made sure it's not the power supply or a bad sata cable either. I still have the same problems when switching the jumpers to external and attaching the new drive there. The pre-read of the new drive (attached to the motherboards esata) went to 70% without any problems, with the two older drives attached to the digitus card. Then I interrupted it to investigate the problem further
  6. Hi, I've been using this controller with two WD Green 3TB drives for over a year now. Today I bought a third one, attached it to the controller and started to preclear. I immediately got lots of "Unhandled error code" errors for that drive on my syslog and eventually all drives on that controller dissappeared. I tried a different drive -> same problem. Tried different ports -> same problem. I think I got the Jumpers for internal vs. eSATA right, I double checked with the manual and what's printed on the controller, and I think if it was wrong, the corresponding internal port woul
  7. I just upgraded from rc11, and everything seems to works just fine without make_bootable or formatting the flash drive.