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  1. Ahh OK yes I just bought it off eBay so its probably shucked. I have a new one coming next week I'll replace it with that. How can I get the array back up and running in the mean time? Do I need to add the failing disk back just to assign it and then un assign it? Thanks and happy new year I did the process with the failed disk and it has come back online fine. I have a new disk coming so I will replace the failed one with that and use the shucked one as a new drive in my backup Unraid. Thank you so much for the help as usual.
  2. I triple checked all the assignments are correct. It's throwing disk errors on 3 disks now too. thank you tower-diagnostics-20211231-1142.zip
  3. Hi again I have just had the same happen again, had to wait for a disk to arrive, wrote contents to the emulated disks. Since the original issue I have added a second parity. I rebooted, lost the disk assignments, assigned all disks back, including the new disk to the missing slot, stated in "maintenance mode" with "parity is valid", stopped the array, unassigned the disk and started in normal mode and am getting unmountable error and I am unable to start a disk check in maintenance mode. Does this same fix work with dual parity or is there some other issue? Thanks again for the help. tower-diagnostics-20211230-2349.zip
  4. Thank you very much, it has worked perfectly! I did exactly what you said and it came back first time. Thank you!!!
  5. I have just realised it says in the DISK_ASSIGNMENTS.txt that I get User Scripts to create once a week. I believe it was disk 12 that was disabled. Not sure if you can collaborate that with the diags? But I believe it to be accurate as it was a higher number disk I remember being disabled and the user scripts disk list was created 5 days ago. So it looks like I need to get Unraid to believe that disk 12 is disabled again and emulate its contents from parity. I will buy a replacement disk and a second parity right away to stop this from happening again. Thank you for your help. tower-diagnostics-20210918-2212.zip
  6. Yes I know the disk assignments, but I don't recall the disk that was disabled. Ive looked through as all the logs I could find and cant find any sign of which one it was. It is single parity. Thanks Jorge!
  7. Hi there, thanks in advance for the help. I had a disk errored for a few weeks. The contents were emulated and I had been using the array.I had to reboot the server after changing some network settings and when it booted back up it had reset the drive assignments. Now any disk assignments I made show up as a new config and I only have the "parity is valid option". I don't remember which disk was disabled and the logs folder is empty. Is there anything I can do at this point to get the array back to its contents emulated state? I know its a bit of a mess but I appreciate the help. Thank you
  8. I don't know much about the docker, but i found this information about upgrading and some Mongol changes...scroll down to the update to 3.10.2 instructions. Might not mean anything though. https://github.com/exsilium/docker-unifi-video
  9. I too would be very grateful to see it updated :). Thanks for all the work with the dockers.
  10. Hi there. Thank you fro all the work you put in to the dockers. I don't pretend to know how exactly they work, I am using the Jottacloud docker and all the files from UnRaid are getting uploaded to a folder called "sync" in the synced files main directory. Where it should be just to the root directory. I believe the issue may be in the following command: jotta-scanner /sync /Jotta/Sync From what I understand I THINK the initial "/sync" reference is unneeded and is what is causing everything to upload to the folder called 'sync". Not specifying a directory should just upload it to the root of the Jottacloud folder. I am not able to test this as I don't know how to. Really sorry if I'm wrong, thanks for taking the time. Regards
  11. I did that, and it wouldn't work even after manually configuring it. I have installed it from the command line and got it working now
  12. Looking forward to this also. Not sure how to get it working by myself.
  13. Thank you very much for this thread, I have bene having problems for ages with disk errors on parity check and rebuild and never knew about this until the "Fix Common Problems" plugin sent me here. I got with of my SAS LAPS and bought two Dell Percs and its perfect, no errors, nothing. Just perfect working server. Thank you everyone that has put time into researching the cards and posting their experiences.
  14. Just wanted to say thank you for this! I used to use this on UnRaid when it was called Mobile PC Monitor but then it stopped working. Its great to have it working again. Have setup all the port monitors and everything for my setup. Thanks again