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  1. your first key is $119 its $30 for a second one (or two for $149) if you read http://lime-technology.com/registration-keys/ one parity disk but no striping so only lose whatever data was on the drive that died (if more than one die at once)
  2. it should do, from intels arc for the 430 - Instruction Set 64-bit Intel® 64 ‡ Yes
  3. that seems to run a turian 2 whcih seems to run x64 so.. yes http://www.amd.com/us/Documents/48396B_Turion_N54L_vs_i5_520M_flyer.pdf edit: but yeah if you already have virtualisation set up, just run up another vm, be the easiest way
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WoW64 for *nix it adds complexity that people would rather not support (multilib doesnt work very well usually and even worse on slackware) its one more thing to support when the alternative is to update the software which tends to be a better answer anyway edit: and windows only runs x32 binarys that dont touch drivers or hardware in any real way, nix tends to get a bit more direct especially appliance level nix
  5. nice comes with ssh baked in, small but appreciated
  6. as he says above, thats an addon, stop adding things no thats because 127.x isnt a valid address, its a loopback address not nearly as hard as getting a new network card going under nt4 or dos was the syslog doesnt show any networking info, are you still using the onboard or have you swapped? (you could put all your cards in and hook them up until we find out what one works) again, what onboard NIC does it have? what other NIC cards have you tried?
  7. the actual install docs are here - http://lime-technology.com/unraid-server-installation/ assuming you have a working supported NIC and working local DNS those docs work fine everything else is an addon, get it working on the basic imho try just "ifconfig" it's reading like it doesnt support your network card, try the PCI one again (preferably an intel or realtek) quick googling i cant find what onboard card that pc has
  8. i wouldnt start with unmenu, thats a custom plugin addon, the new official webgui is great -> https://github.com/limetech/webGui great to play around with but add that stuff once you've set up and played around preclear is good for drive testing though and yeah, i never understood the attraction to opendns, local stuff is fine
  9. the giant thread under "hard drives and controllers" is your best bet -> http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=12404.0
  10. check your router, maybe its got an IP but your local dns hasnt updated, check your router (or dhcp server) leases see whats there what NIC do you have? maybe its not supported... using version 5.0.4 ? why is your kernel newer than mine... Tower Login: root Linux 3.9.22p-unRAID root@tower:~# 5.0.4 uses 3.9.11p .... "I've yet to find anything on why commands aren't working." because those commands dont exist, they're either wrong (in the case of ipconfig vs ifconfig) or have been depreciated you need to tell us what other commands dont work try it witho
  11. its ifconfig not ipconfig (ipconfig is windows ifconfig is *nix)