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  1. welp....I figured that 'time would tell' if those changes were successful.....the answer is no. Just received the 'Yellow Warning' with the 115F temp (whereas the actual file shows correct/higher temp) and it is ignoring it. Is it an 'Unassigned Devices' issue? (UPDATE: Nope....as it just happened to my other NVMe drive - yellow warning @ 115 and not the set temp) -dave
  2. And just another follow-up.....after rebooting the GUI page for each drive shows non-corrected values (still the default ones) for all of my NVMe drives....BUT the CLI reading of the files shows the accurate/corrected values. Something seems really broken?
  3. OH....and another weird issue.....my Cache drive entries include their names....while the assigned drive entry does not? Here is my new file: root@Tower4:/boot/config# cat smart-one.cfg [GIGABYTE_GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD_SN202808919XXX] GIGABYTE_GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD_SN202808919XXX_hotTemp="140" GIGABYTE_GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD_SN202808919XXX_maxTemp="158" at0="5" at1="187" at3="197" at4="198" at5="199" [GIGABYTE_GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD_SN202808919XXX] GIGABYTE_GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD_SN202808919XXX_hotTemp="140" GIGABYTE_GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD_SN202808919XXX_maxTemp="158" at0="5" at1="1
  4. would love to...but when I did - drive spin down after timeout stopped happening...bug report submitted. the original smart-one.cfg seemed to have the correct information (and I have rebooted multiple times since originally changing/correcting the numbers). Will try again - super appreciate the follow-up & response! Ok...when I went back to update/change the numbers (changing them on the line and clicking 'Apply') - it doesn't seem to 'take' - they revert back to the original numbers after the 'Apply' is pressed and screen refreshes! BUT looking at the file fro
  5. I have a NVMe that I've set to warn at 140F but continue to get the 'Yellow Warning' that drive is hot (115F). How can I get this warning to respect drive settings? Is this a bug in 6.9.1?
  6. Howdy SimonF.....anything to help out the team!
  7. At the behest of SimonF - here is an issue that I've found (and only corrected by reverting back to 6.9.1) I recently got my first HBA (LSI 9305-16i) with SAS-to-4xSATA cables to be able to add more SATA drives to my rig...the drives are a mixture of: ST8000VN004 ST4000VN008 WDC_WD60EFAX I did the hardware change AND the update to 6.9.2 at the same time and noticed that none of my drives would spin-down automatically (which they had earlier) and thought it was due to the change in hardware. I could force the drives and they would spin-down but not aut
  8. Ding...ding...winner-winner, chicken dinner back to 6.9.1 and it works.......thanks again
  9. Sorry...maybe I misunderstood (I'm still trying to learn even though have been using UnRaid forever.....I have all my SATA drives connected to the LSI HBA....so, I'm guessing this plugin is not the right one. Thanks for letting me know! Yes...running latest/greatest.....sounds like I'm going to go back to 6.9.1 and test (guess things happened at the same time so I thought it was new hardware) Agreed on the weirdness in logs! Thanks again - dave
  10. have the 4-to-1 SATA to SAS cables (I guess technically that whole thing should be reversed) 15 minutes (in Settings --> Disk Settings --> Default spin down delay as an addendum to above.....Enable Spinup Groups is set to 'No' In system logs (from GUI) -- nothing dmesg - nothing of value to drives and....right, no gray ball...just constant green (with drive temp visible).....is it just tricking me? I think it is a bit disturbing to not see anything in the logs (which is where it checks to issue the spindown....hmm). This used to work on the sa
  11. Am the proud new owner of a LSI 9305-16i (my first adventure into HBAs) - I'm super grateful for your plugin but wanted to know if this is common: works great if I manually spin-down the whole array or individual drives does not work when drives 'time out' and should spin down Is this a config error on my part? Not included with normal functionality? Thanks in advance for any help - dave
  12. Hmmm....ok....so you've got me thinking. I believe that you're saying is to do this: Current Setup: Single M.2 256Gb drive setup as Cache (formatted BTRFS) Future Setup: THREE M.2 drives - existing 256Gb & 1TB & 750GB In that way I could combine the three to make a single 1TB cache?
  13. ahhh....the best laid plans....thanks for the clarification. I guess it would help to add a note to the Wiki/UnRaid docs that while BTRFS doesn't require matched sizes - that the remainder would be wasted in this situation?
  14. Hi Jonathan, That's why I thought using CLI and pre-partitioning might do the trick? Then I specify the individual partition to join the BTRFS?
  15. Can someone help me understand if/how this can happen Here's what I got: Current Setup: Single M.2 256Gb drive setup as Cache (formatted BTRFS) Future Setup: Two M.2 drives - existing 256Gb & 1TB My thoughts/questions: Do I need (or should I) format/partition the new 1TB drive into 250 & 750 segments to match existing setup? (while I know it is not a requirement that the sizes be the same - as BTRFS can handle mismatched sizes) - I'd like to use the extra 750Gb for another/different share other than cache (since this portion won't be mirrored)
  16. @Tom - you and the team have worked hard and we all appreciate it! but the issue is Respect and Communication (which sounds like there was none given). THAT is a punch in the face! Would you want to work that way for someone/something?
  17. Yes...the Beta is currently using the updated drivers
  18. Just a FYI and update...after thinking variables weren't being adding/initialized - it was a dumb mistake of not supplying the key value (just naming it the variable name). duh! Thanks again for the kindness to hunt down the bug/issue!
  19. So strange...I have it listed as a PLEX variable entry?! I've been also setting up LinuxServer.io and noticed that is was present in the docker run command there....so, progress! when you say 'compute options' - do you mean the NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES = 'all' ? or something else? the transcode info must be part of PlexInc's setup....should I remove? Thanks again - this really helps!
  20. If I understand it right...when transcoding the audio & video - it should be activating the GPU?
  21. Which was the procedure describes by Space Invader via:
  22. Check box within PLEX Settings --> Transcoder (Disable video stream trancoding - unchechecked, Use hardware acceleration when available - checked, Use hardware-accelerated video encoding - checked)) Yes, PLEX Lifetime pass Setting up PLEX Container --> added the 'Extra Parameters: --runtime=nvidia, and two variables (with 'all' and UUID) docker run command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='PlexMediaServer' --net='host' --privileged=true -e TZ="America/Chicago" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'PLEX_CLAIM'='Insert T
  23. Hi Everyone, I've recently purchased and installed a Geforce GTX 1650 (after initially setting up the plugin on the existing GeForce GT 1030 - which doesn't 'do' transcoding I found out afterwards). I've changed the UUID (to the new card), rebooted/powered-off a few times, changed from the Nvidia 6.8.3 to Nvidia 6.9.0 beta 30 builds - all in an effort to get it working (as evidenced by seeing the 'running process' and percentage load changed via nvidia-smi engage when I watched a video that is 'transcoding' in PLEX). All to no avail - nothing I seem to do is getting the GPU to en
  24. No...because the exact same extension worked BEFORE the update and all previous updates.... Say it with me: Old Code worked....ok New Code breaks on same setup.....that's a bug in the code-change What is so hard about that?