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  1. @Tom - you and the team have worked hard and we all appreciate it! but the issue is Respect and Communication (which sounds like there was none given). THAT is a punch in the face! Would you want to work that way for someone/something?
  2. Yes...the Beta is currently using the updated drivers
  3. Just a FYI and update...after thinking variables weren't being adding/initialized - it was a dumb mistake of not supplying the key value (just naming it the variable name). duh! Thanks again for the kindness to hunt down the bug/issue!
  4. So strange...I have it listed as a PLEX variable entry?! I've been also setting up LinuxServer.io and noticed that is was present in the docker run command there....so, progress! when you say 'compute options' - do you mean the NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES = 'all' ? or something else? the transcode info must be part of PlexInc's setup....should I remove? Thanks again - this really helps!
  5. If I understand it right...when transcoding the audio & video - it should be activating the GPU?
  6. Which was the procedure describes by Space Invader via:
  7. Check box within PLEX Settings --> Transcoder (Disable video stream trancoding - unchechecked, Use hardware acceleration when available - checked, Use hardware-accelerated video encoding - checked)) Yes, PLEX Lifetime pass Setting up PLEX Container --> added the 'Extra Parameters: --runtime=nvidia, and two variables (with 'all' and UUID) docker run command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='PlexMediaServer' --net='host' --privileged=true -e TZ="America/Chicago" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'PLEX_CLAIM'='Insert T
  8. Hi Everyone, I've recently purchased and installed a Geforce GTX 1650 (after initially setting up the plugin on the existing GeForce GT 1030 - which doesn't 'do' transcoding I found out afterwards). I've changed the UUID (to the new card), rebooted/powered-off a few times, changed from the Nvidia 6.8.3 to Nvidia 6.9.0 beta 30 builds - all in an effort to get it working (as evidenced by seeing the 'running process' and percentage load changed via nvidia-smi engage when I watched a video that is 'transcoding' in PLEX). All to no avail - nothing I seem to do is getting the GPU to en
  9. No...because the exact same extension worked BEFORE the update and all previous updates.... Say it with me: Old Code worked....ok New Code breaks on same setup.....that's a bug in the code-change What is so hard about that?
  10. Hi LJM42, Thanks for the follow-up...and I understand what you're saying but that isn't the issue. All earlier versions worked on this same setup/extensions/pi-hole setups/etc.....once this new version came along; the issue began. An earlier post narrowed it down to Grammerly and while even white-listing the site - it still occurs. The only 'hack workarounds' are to open incognito (which requires a new log-in)...or totally remove the extension (which worked fine in all previous versions).
  11. I guess I would consider that more of a 'hack work-around'...but there is still something different/new in this release that is a 'bug'
  12. I appreciate all of the help - but this issue still is persistent & repeatable....and has not occurred with other releases. There is still an issue with the current codebase. =-dave
  13. Thanks for the thoughts/info. Both the IP and the DNS name of my server are whitelisted. What is strange is that it worked pre-update; so it has to be some implemented changed. The only other thing is that it is contacting some AD server (and my Pi-Hole is catching it). I've also white-listed the server there - why would it be contacting some AD service? Still searching for clarity, =dave