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  1. Followed the instructions, tried manual and CA install, and getting the following when attempting to open in Settings: "Error 300: Vendor utility not found." Has anyone experienced this?
  2. How much RAM do you have? I've had a similar experience in the past in one of my first builds, and it was due to memory being maxed out.
  3. I'm highly interested in this potential option. Looking forward to hearing other thoughts.
  4. Just wondering if people are still using this docker or if there are newer versions around. Or is it possible to update this version?
  5. While I can't say I've had mine running for several months, I am having a similar issue with CP only. I can install docker and everything appears to work fine, however after a little bit of time, if I try to refresh the webui the page comes up blank (white) or unable to connect altogether. It seems that something, whether it be a setting or some other scan/upgrade attempt that is messing with the webui's ability to load. I won't dismiss user error on my end, however your situation seems to be similar. Interested if anyone else is having a similar issue with the webui. Note: Using Needo CP docker.
  6. Looking for a little advice on this combination of motherboard and CPU for an unRAID setup and a VM Windows setup for PlayOn only. No transcoding will be done on this server as it will be simply to server media and backup. I believe both are capable of virtualization so any advice on the best method to do so would be greatly appreciated as well. Edit: Just to clarify my "question,' is will this combination be powerful enough, with no future plans to expand or contain other VMs. Thank you in advance!