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  1. I first purchased my Unraid license 9 years ago - 12/03/2010 - and it's been rock solid for me ever since. One thing I like the most: Consistency. You guys keep adding features and making the product better. I also love the fact that the community has so much involvement in making the product better, specifically community applications. One thing I'd like to see: Docker Improvements (User-defined docker networks in GUI, container monitoring, )
  2. Oh man, I completely missed that! Now to see if I can get my docker traffic forced across the wireguard interface.
  3. Yes, I am aware of this, but none of the available peer access types seemed to fit what I was looking for. However, I just compared the config I built myself with the one that was built with the plugin using the "vpn tunneled access" type. Nothing major seems to be different, so I'm going with that. Thanks for your help and for the plugin!
  4. Is there any chance of getting a client mode for this plugin? I've been using wireguard for a while now, but my "server" is hosted elsewhere and I'd just like to have my unraid server connect to that. Thanks!
  5. Just upgraded to a Coffee Lake i5-8400 and had this same problem. This post solved it for me. Thanks ack389!
  6. Hey guys, I had this same issue tonight when building an Ubuntu 16.04.01 Server VM. OS is installed fine and all seems well until I added my Unraid shares and rebooted. Suddenly, no network. Was seeing "Device not found" messages when trying to start the networking service. I did some digging and noticed that my nic used to be labeled enp2s2. After the shares were added and rebooted, I ran ip link only to find my nic is now labled enp2s6. After looking at the XML, I think it makes sense why. Below is a bit of the XML for this VM, AFTER I added the shares. Seems like the shares tak
  7. I've looked EVERYWHERE for this damn case. I finally got notified this evening that it was back in stock at Newegg. It's perfect for unraid and you cant beat it for the price.