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  1. @limetech Thanks for taking steps to right this situation.
  2. Yes, eventually this will fade into the past. However, the fact that many of us are not surprised this happened is indicative of a larger problem with the way limetech governs unraid in relation to the community. Perhaps limetech should create and fill a communications/community liaison role. Overall communication and particularly communication with the community must improve to prevent future bridges being burnt to a crisp.
  3. I know this likely won't matter to anyone but I've been using unraid for just over ten years now and I'm very sad to see how the nvidia driver situation has been handled. While I am very glad that custom builds are no longer needed to add the nvidia driver, I am very disappointed in the apparent lack of communication and appreciation from Limetech to the community members that have provided us with a solution for all the time Limetech would not. If this kind of corporate-esque "we don't care" attitude is going to be adopted then that removes an important differentiating factor between Unraid and Synology, etc. For some of us, cost isn't a barrier. Unraid has an indie appeal with good leaders and a strong community. Please understand how important the unraid community is and appreciate those in the community that put in the time to make unraid better for all of us.
  4. We just caught them on sale. We're about to start switching them out for HGST He12 drives. They appear to perform the same as the IronWolf drives but run cooler.
  5. Another +1. It would be quite nice to have a cache pool just for VMs and docker containers.
  6. The wear on the drives is indeed around 50%. As well as they have performed for me, I'm fine with that.
  7. Sure. I've attached two of them. I *think* these are the two oldest drives. SanDisk_SDSSDHII960G_151740411432-20180507-0825.txt SanDisk_SDSSDHII960G_151855401818-20180507-0823.txt
  8. I have one of the 8TB pro variant and 22 of the 8TB non-pro variant. I've had zero issues with them.
  9. I've been using these since late 2015: I have had zero problems with them and they haven't been used lightly. My cache array runs eleven dockers and two VMs. One VM is a security camera server. 16 4k cameras are writing to the cache array 24/7 (not motion triggered but 16 24/7 4k h.265 streams). On top of that the cache drive is still used for storage array writes (mover runs nightly). They also survived a 140F temps when a fan failed. They aren't the fastest but they just freaking work.
  10. +1 as well. I was going nuts trying to figure out what changed.
  11. What would the use case be for unraid on that device? I'm just curious. It's just such a low powered device that only has two drive bays. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it makes for a fine NAS unit. I just don't see where unraid fits in.
  12. Check out this plugin: That said, I'd really like to see such a feature built into unraid. This feels like it should be a core feature.
  13. Generally, if I don't need need dual CPUs, over 64GB of memory or IPMI, I'll go with a gaming board. Otherwise, I'll go with a previous generation xeon platform (saves $). As for gaming and server motherboards, it's not the motherboards that you have to watch out for. It's the fact that xeons tend to have more cores/threads at slower clock speeds. Some games will be fine with a ton of slower cores and others will run better with fewer but faster cores. For what you're after, I'd take a close look at AMD Threadripper. Basically it provides a large number of cores/threads at higher clock speeds and 128GB of ram is doable. Well, that and a ton of PCIe lanes.
  14. I was dealing with a similar decision this past week (Ryzen 7 vs i7-8700). I ended up going with the 8700 since I could pass the integrated GPU to the plex docker for transcoding. After getting it running and seeing how well plex runs with hardware acceleration (leaving the CPU for other tasks), I feel like I made the right choice.