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  1. LIan Li pc-q26 ASrock Rack E3C224D4I-14S 32 GB of DDR3 ECC Memory 2x 120GB SSD in RAID1 (on a 3d printed bracket) EVGA 700w ps Setup was used for unraid up until 3 months ago and then used for server 2012. This does currently have windows server 2012 installed and licensed. Does not come with any drives other than what is listed $450cdn plus shipping
  2. Its been 8 years, almost as many different versions to my server, it has always just worked well. Thanks Limetech and the community that supports it.
  3. I run a ASROCK E3C224D4I-14S with i7-4770, 7 dockers, no vms, I have run the same setup with the E3-1226 v3. Lots of sata ports, space for a x8 pcie. The only issues is I wish it could do more than 32GB of memory. I can run concurrently 2 roku4's and an xbox one with plex. From what I have read online before I purchased the board, it will fit in that case, I use the pc-q26 so I know it fits there.
  4. Thanks for the help. Was about to do the downgrade, the wife asked to watch bad moms with here so I did, now all is fixed.......see kids, procrastination works.
  5. Just a quick note for older Roku users, the newest plex ( seems to break the audio output on these roku devices. My roku 4 still works but anything below that has issues depending on the audio type. The plex forums say we are going to have to wait until the next release, in the meantime some people have rolled back. I have to ask how this would be done, could I simply put ver 1.1.4 (as an example) in the version variable and it will pull that version and I wont lose my settings, although I wont be too upset to lose setting since I just rebuilt it two days ago.
  6. I have taken mine in our travel trailer for three years now, its handy as I seem to only camp when it rains. Nothing is hard mounted and when travelling its wrapped up in the towels in the closet. I have lost at least one 3.5" hard drive every year. This year I bought 4x2.5" 1tb drives and will see if I have better luck. I would also be aware that its not only the travel that could cause issues but the dust in the trailer that I found I have to clean out the server after every trip to keep from it building up. If you have plex at home and can stream remotely some parks offer good wifi to make that an option also.
  7. I have the pc-q26, current setup in sig, if you have any questions let me know. Works well, layout is good, I upgraded from the equally good pc-q08.
  8. Short version of the background is that my server went from being spread out on a desk to my house being sold so I needed to put it in a case, when I did I put all the disks from the motherboard port to AOC-SAT2-MV8. Needless to say the card was bad and not many of the drives showed up or what did was just showing faulty. When I put things back the way it was I did not notice until sonarr was not ding its thing and would send back errors that it cannot move the file because the directory was "read only". Party says its valid, checked cables and connections and they seem to be fine. I have the ability to remove the drive for a different one if need be. any help would be appreciated.
  9. I will add my 2 cents for what its worth, I was forced to upgrade my motherboard/cpu/memory due to a psu short on the motherboard (a whole lot of melting happened). I had a snapshot of the drive order and names, swapped all the drives to the new server, including a hw raid card for the cache drive. I powered it up, put the drives in the right order, started parity check and everything else came back fine. Not sure if its the correct way but it worked for me. At least if it goes badly the old hardware is still there to revert back to.
  10. I am running the x5639 (6c 12t) processor and the supermicro x8sax motherboard. Which I switched out from the e3-1265l (not willingly, 4pin shorted burnt everything up) , the biggest difference I have noticed is obviously the ability to stream multiple streams and have sab do its unpacking and moving. I don't have fibre so the only time I run into your issue is with getting kids shows because they are so small, but I do not see an increase in unpack time on anything. I have only seen the benefit in the rare occasion that everything is running at once (sab, sick, transmission and Plex x2 streams) nothing slows down, from what I have measured most of the time the cores sit idle. Also Tom added support for more then 8 processors in 6b6 (if I remember correctly), which is what I am running.
  11. First off thanks for all the work on getting this vm image and repository going. I am memorizing my xl commands now. Also, since there is alot of Plex users, any appetite for plex home theatre in a vm, there is a arch version of it. Just not sure if it will preform better then xbmc when passing through the video card. Finally, I have noticed some mention of nano, is use it extensively also but in unraid I have always just used mc.
  12. Up and running on the test box (supermicro x8sax w/L5639), I had 4 new drives to put into the main box, but I will pre clear them and run them on the test box. Thanks Tom. Just abit of clarity, part of going to 6.0 was to add in the support for virtualization. As someone who does not run plugins but has a separate box for esxi and all my vm needs, if I do a little bit of light reading to enable/configure xen I can move my vm's to the unraid box and scrap the old unraid machine.
  13. Not a whole lot to add, stock unraid, upgraded 18 hours ago, nobody in my family has complained so I consider that a win. Party check has never really changed from 4.7 to 5-rc16c to 5 final Duration: 9 hours, 49 minutes, 58 seconds. Average speed: 84.8 MB/sec
  14. Sent the info off in a pm at the start of last week, plus another pm just looking for an update, I have not heard anything yet. Let me know if you are still selling these?
  15. Thought I would chime in about the motherboard, I have been running: SUPERMICRO MBD-X7SPA-H-O, Lian-li pc-q08, 6x 2TB drive, unraid 4.7 pro which is the older board, but it ran sab,sic and couch without any issues for the last few years.