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  1. I should still have my SAS drive. I will try to add it back to the array this weekend and PM you to help out with testing.
  2. Has anyone found a good Prometheus docker to run with this? I have a dashboard I want to install but it requires Prometheus. Thanks
  3. Weird. Today it is working fine. When I posted it, I tried it in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Cleared cache, nothing helped. Today, its working in all browsers. I have no idea......
  4. here it is on my phone. Like I said, it was working fine up until one of the updates last week but I wasn't able to report it until today.
  5. Here is a screenshot of it on a smaller screen for me. Looks like the boxes are not all the same size and that could be throwing it off? The parity/array box is a little bit bigger and screwing with he alignment.
  6. I forgot to add my display settings. my iMac display is 1920‑by‑1080. I tried full screen and full window.
  7. Sorry if this has been reported already. It started last week but then I was out of town since. The Azure and Gray themes don't properly display the dashboard for me. The parity/drive info is pushed down. I tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Cleared cache. It was working fine in the early 6.7.rc releases.
  8. When viewing the dashboard on safari on my phone, the motherboard information is properly wrapping. I circled the problem.
  9. Thank you for this. This has been bugging me for months.
  10. Thanks for the info! I was looking at the GitHub site yesterday to find info but was also doing a million other things and missed it. Sorry about that and thanks!
  11. Seeing the same thing. Did you get anything to load when you manually went to 8082? I just get a white screen in Safari. Chrome give me a page not working 500 error.
  12. Yea. here is a screen shot showing its enabled and the test worked ok. Thanks
  13. Just a quick question. What is the enchanted Pihole supposed to do? I have it set for an app, the test said it talked to the api but I don't see anything but the logo and name on the dashboard. Thanks
  14. Thanks! I removed the docker and reinstalled it to make sure it was the latest one and that fixed nzbget!
  15. Yea, I removed everything (docker and directory) and just started fresh. I am also worried about happening again as well but so far its been running smoothly. I have backups for the last 5 weeks, if it crashes again and I have to restart from scratch, I might see if I can copy a config file or something from last week.