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  1. Never mind. I am a dork. I was trying to trouble shoot why my nvidia card wasn't working and i followed some post that had me put acpi=off in the syslinux.cfg but I never rebooted it and it was a over a month ago. That was a fun afternoon. Someone pointed me in the right direction with a different suggestion on Discord and then it hit me! You can delete.
  2. Did you get this resolved? It is happening all of a sudden to me. it was working fine until I think the latest beta.
  3. Never mind. I am a dork. I looked at the logs and it looked like it was downloading the same files again this morning but it was yesterday and I saw it connected this morning and didn't have anything to download. I thought yesterdays downloads were todays date but they weren't....... DOH!
  4. Thanks for this. I just installed it this week and is working great. Quick question, does it download the whole library each time or does it only download the latest after the first download? I did see a recent settings. I am wondering if I need to use that if it downloads the whole library each time. Thanks!
  5. I’m just so used to seeing it on my old server and like I said, I am rusty and don’t remember what I set in the bios a decade ago. 😹 thanks for the info! Your advice made me think harder and try more things and was like I know I have other cables.
  6. Ok, this was completely my fault and I feel stupid. I tried switching slots didn't solve the problem. Heatsink was getting hot. This whole time I was worried there was a chance I was using the wrong breakout cables. I also switched cases which required a different cable from the card. I knew I had 2 different kind of breakout cables and remembered I knew I had the correct ones that came with my card I just bought 2 months ago but couldn't find them. That solved it but I thought I would still see the card scan for drives at boot. Of course I never booted before with 0 drives attached it. Walking slowly back to my stupid corner. Thanks for the help though!
  7. I was thinking of trying that. I probably need to boot with GUI first and fix my network. I had 2 ncis bound with my last motherboard. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. I am sure it is a bios setting somewhere but I haven't found it yet. I haven't changed out my MB for 10 years so I am rusty. When booting up I am not seeing the cards config where they scan for drives or I can enter config. The cards light up at boot so I know they are getting power. Any advice would be helpful, like I said, I am rusty. Thanks!
  9. Looking to update my server. I already have a Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core CPU and need a MB for it. I was looking at the asus tuf and wanted to make sure I could add a video card for VM's. Can you set the bios to use the x1 slot as default with an older video card for unraid gui and then use the PCI Express 4.0 or PCI Express 3.0 slot for a video card for a VM? Thanks.
  10. What did you change in your bios? I would like to fix this for my AMD FX™-6300. Thanks
  11. xfs_repair -L fixed it. first time this has happened, wasn't sure what to do. Sorry. If it happens again, I will grab the logs before a reboot. Thanks.
  12. After doing some searching, I was just about run XFS_repair. I will report back.
  13. nevermind..... running xfs_repair -L fixed the problem. First time this has happened and wasn't sure what to do. Thanks.
  14. This is a question for radarr in general. My docker updated to 3.x this weekend. Has anyone on 3.x noticed the search takes forever and is pulling way to many results and seems like just random movies are getting found. 2.x was not doing that. Is there a new setting I need to fix?
  15. I was just looking at that board. How are you liking it? I want to go smaller but needed 8 sata ports.