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  1. xfs_repair -L fixed it. first time this has happened, wasn't sure what to do. Sorry. If it happens again, I will grab the logs before a reboot. Thanks.
  2. After doing some searching, I was just about run XFS_repair. I will report back.
  3. nevermind..... running xfs_repair -L fixed the problem. First time this has happened and wasn't sure what to do. Thanks.
  4. This is a question for radarr in general. My docker updated to 3.x this weekend. Has anyone on 3.x noticed the search takes forever and is pulling way to many results and seems like just random movies are getting found. 2.x was not doing that. Is there a new setting I need to fix?
  5. I was just looking at that board. How are you liking it? I want to go smaller but needed 8 sata ports.
  6. So far, a week after switching USB ports, everything seems to be working. Thanks!
  7. It died again today so switched it to a USB 2 port and see what happens. It's just weird it's been fine for over a year where it was. Like I said, I have a spare if it continues to happen. Thanks
  8. It probably has nothing to do with 6.7 but I know thats when it started. All the rc's were fine. I reboot and it runs fine for another week. I bought another device to replace this one of it is going bad. I was able to grab the log file before shutting down the system. I've been meaning to post about it just having had the chance to grab the log before a reboot. at 1:51am this started flooding my logs. un 17 01:51:40 Tower kernel: usb 8-2: reset high-speed USB device number 2 using xhci_hcd Jun 17 01:51:47 Tower kernel: usb 8-2: reset high-spe
  9. A new usg has been spotted!!!!! Guess they are staying with he Dream Machine name. UDMPro. Hopefully it hits early access soon. Top device with the just announced non pro switches that aren't for sale yet.
  10. Yea, I love the interface as well but tired of waiting for them to refresh the lineup. It's temping to get a Dream Machine if I could ever catch it while it's in stock but it's not really what I want. I do understand the delay. They are writing a new OS for it and the DM is the guinea pig for it.
  11. I was looking at OPNsense which is a fork of pfense. Looks like it has a better GUI and might be easier to configure.
  12. You should look into Grafana. It might take some research and a few different dashboards to get you everything you want.
  13. I should still have my SAS drive. I will try to add it back to the array this weekend and PM you to help out with testing.
  14. Has anyone found a good Prometheus docker to run with this? I have a dashboard I want to install but it requires Prometheus. Thanks
  15. Weird. Today it is working fine. When I posted it, I tried it in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Cleared cache, nothing helped. Today, its working in all browsers. I have no idea......