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  1. A tracker I use heavily does not support Deluge 2.0 (the tracker is MaN if that matters). I'm trying to migrated to this docker, but I have 500 torrents that need to be moved (with labels and subdirectories). Has anyone done this? Is there an easy way?
  2. I removed I still get 502 both inside the network and from the outside when using I can access it fine from inside the network on My ISP does not block ports. My nginx log from swag: 2020/12/16 07:13:20 [error] 455#455: *211 nextcloud could not be resolved (110: Operation timed out), client:, server: _, request: "GET /nextcloud/ HTTP/2.0", host: "" 2020/12/16 07:35:05 [error] 455#455: *276 nextcloud could not be resolved (110: Operation timed out), client:, s
  3. Thank you for taking time to reply to my question. I tried that. I still get a 502 error when accessing via my custom domian. My SWAG nginx log shows: 2020/12/16 04:38:19 [error] 455#455: *1 nextcloud could not be resolved (110: Operation timed out), client:, server: _, request: "GET /nextcloud/ HTTP/2.0", host: "" My nextcloud nginx error log shows: 020/12/16 04:38:37 [error] 375#375: *23 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: _, request: "GET /nextcloud/ocs/v2.php/apps/text/w
  4. Can someone help me with this? Previously had Nextcloud working with Letsencrypt. Upgraded to SWAG and changed my local network numbering (went from 192.168.69.x to 192.168.1.x) and now I cannot get SWAG to get from my external domain to the local Nextcloud docker. I use a subfolder config. Here are what I think are the relevant details: First the log error shows: 2020/12/15 19:40:58 [error] 451#451: *12 nextcloud could not be resolved (110: Operation timed out), client:, server: _, request: "GET /nextcloud/ HTTP/2.0", host: "" I have my Unifi securit
  5. I have shares mounted from an esxi host and I think it only allows NFS. Thanks for your help!
  6. Can anyone help me? This is a Dell r720. Seems like something with networking or Docker but I'm having trouble narrowing it down. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Trying to display an image in a directory of images using this. I have a directory of jpg files. I've got this index.php in there: <?php $dirname = "/camera/"; $images = glob($dirname."*.jpg"); foreach($images as $image) { $list[] = $image; #echo '<img src="'.$image.'" /><br />'; } sort ($list); echo "<br><img src="."'".array_pop($list)."'"."><br><br>"; ?> I've tested the above and it works with php called from the shell. So this folder is in the docker at /camera/ here's my site config: upstream backend { server 19
  8. I saw that. There's a couple of reddit posts also. Previously (6.4 version of unraid) the package installed no problem....
  9. I'm using a Lenovo SA120 with unraid to house disks. In prior versions, I installed the slackware sg3_utils package ( using installpkg. I would then run AndrewX192's excellent utility to turn down the fans (they ramp up to full speed with any power cycle and have to be manually turned down) - this script is located at I have tried downloading the sg3_utils package from slackware, from the sg3_utils homepage, etc but every time I try to install it I get the message: insta
  10. @HellDiverUK - thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll up my drive budget, but after buying this server I feel the need to economize my fun money/server budget. Also, I missed your post until now. Anyway, @Indmenity83 - have not tried GPU. I don't mine crypto and I'm not a gamer, so I don't even own a GPU. Unfortunately I think you're just going to have to try one out. Please report back, I'm curious. Mostly I just run VM's, data hoard, serve movies and TV via Plex, etc. Thanks and sorry I couldn't be more help. Flatulently,
  11. Thanks. I'm running a balance on the SSD now. I've noticed the network error before, but everything works OK and I forgot to keep looking into it. The machine has 4 lan ports. I'm trying to use balance-rr. I'm attaching a screenshot of my config, let me know if you have any thoughts. Appreciate the help.
  12. Hi all. I appreciate any help. My system had been stable running 6.4.1 for about 3 weeks. I run a Dell R720 with two internal SSD's - one is the cache, the other just stores a single VM image and is accessed using the unassigned devices add on. My spinning drives are all housed in a Lenovo SA120. Dockers started to randomly stop about 1 week ago, but would come back if I stopped the Docker service and re-started. Then yesterday multiple Dockers crashed and I decided to re-boot. I got an error message that Docker engine failed to start (in the GUI). My VM's also do not appear (th
  13. So here's a follow up in case anyone finds this in the future. I've found that having ANY drives in the server causes massive fan ramp-up. I have now moved all of my drives to a Lenovo SA120 and consolidated my array (shrunk it a little) Next up I'm going to re-do the thermal grease on the CPUs, but I'm now down to idle fan speeds of 5k or so. Also, I may also pull the secondary PSU to reduce noise.
  14. Thanks. Appreciate your rapid response. Everything works now. In case anyone comes across this response please note that you have to put “cloudflare” in the DNS plugin box for the docker. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk