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  1. Mine cleared up by the next day. Not sure what’s going on. It was weird.
  2. Anyone else having trouble with the server list? I’ve been running mine daily with no issues for a while, but when I went to do a manual test recently it threw back nothing. So I popped into settings where I had manually selected a nearby Spectrum server and the list that’s coming up now has very few servers and none anywhere near my state (Florida). If I go to the Speedtest website it auto selects the nearby server so I don’t know what’s going on. to make sure it was still at least working I changed it to Auto and it selected something in Nebraska or something. It worked though and didn’t give any errors.
  3. Things are back to working normally so that was definitely the culprit. Installed that plugin and configured it. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Didn’t know there was such a thing. I’ll install today after testing to make sure I can stream properly again. Thanks.
  5. Considering how long I’ve had Plex server in a docker with mostly no issues at all, I’m afraid to ask a seemingly stupid question. Can running a parity check and trying to stream a movie at 81Mbps or so cause the client to balk due to slow connection? And all direct playing so no load on CPU? And with 8 cores with u dear 10% utilization? I know damn well my network is fine and Plex should be fine as we watch something almost every night and lately 4K rips. Tonight I had to fallback to a 1080p version at about 30Mbps stream. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever tried streaming during a parity check so this might be normal. My parity check takes quite a while for me. Sitting at 21Tb on the array. So should I be worried about this and looking for what, I don’t know? server version is 6.8.3
  6. I just got hit by this. I got a warning about a vulnerability and ran the update. Down goes server. A) Why is this happening? B) Tried manually updating since the Mac USB creator tool fails on Catalina. Again, why? C) I don't have any spare USB drives lying around so what type am I supposed to buy now? Current one was the recommended version/brand from way back when. D) Is it possible that this is caused by a BIOS configuration issue? Of course it was booting before this update so I don't know.
  7. Yeah... I’m beginning to think I might need to. Duplicati and Backblaze B2 is probably the cheapest for large data storage. Definitely not as cheap as CrashPlan though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  8. I pulled a copy from my automated backup on the array and restarted CP. Hope like hell it still reads the file!
  9. Saw there was an update this morning so I updated and I've waited for CP to do it's scanning thing, but wanted to verify settings in the file and... there is no file in the conf directory now! Where the heck did it go??
  10. I’m at 13TB uploaded for my unRAID server and another couple TB for my Mac. I still have 7TB to go on the server. Luckily I found a way to speed up the backups or it would have taken years to get this far. Even still it certainly isn’t terribly efficient. I do wish there were more options in backup services that can run native Docker though.
  11. Actually I think there’s only one setting that really matters and it looks like it doesn’t get touched. Either way it’s an easy edit if I see things slow to a crawl. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Yeah. I get that. I needed to backup my media files which amount to 18Tb. I tried it before and was going to take years so I gave up only to come back to the idea after part of my server caught fire. Anyway, after researching the slowness I found a way to speed things up by disabling deduplication in the file. It isn’t recommended for normal things, but these files rarely if ever change. And I have some huge files from ripping discs without compression. So with a couple edits I’ll be able to upload everything in 3 months vs years. Not a bad trade off. Is it possible to have the items editable in the docker config so even after an update or restart the edits are mad automatically? If so I can supply the items needing editing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Is there any way to prevent CrashplanPro from overwriting the file when updating? It's quite annoying.
  14. Thanks. Easy enough to use Firefox for now. I'm still on Mojave as well. I'm not updating till at least the first point release of Catalina.
  15. You're a genius. It was Safari and it never went away. Switched over to Firefox and it ran no problem and found no problems. Going to run an extended scan just in case. And I'm on the latest version as far as ai can tell - 2019.11.13.
  16. I had to rebuild my unRAID server with completely new hardware and can't seem to run Fix Common Problems now. I mean it launches and says it's scanning, but the window never goes away. Everything else appears like it's working as it should and I don't see any errors in the syslog. I had to restore my appdata and docker.img, but that shouldn't have anything to do with this right?
  17. Well, I brought it all the way up, found my docker.img backup and app data stuff and got those moved back to cache and.... it's running like a champ. No errors popped up in the GUI yet so I'm assuming I don't need to create a new config?
  18. Alright... I finally have a breathing machine again. Currently running Memtest for a bit. I haven't booted into unRAID yet, but I've gone through the BIOS and enabled/disabled a few things (like Virtualization items). Since this is the first time I've had to rebuild all the hardware I have a few questions. 1 - Should I create a new config, but keep drive assignments? Or is that not needed? 2 - Assuming my app data backup isn't fried (shouldn't be), copying that over to the new cache drive (once formatted) shouldn't present any issues correct? What about permissions? 3 - Any other gotchas I should look out for? 4 - Any AMD Ryzen/ASUS MB things I might want to do other than enabling virtualization? Thanks all.
  19. That would make sense. Maybe when I swapped out the drive a few months back I wasn't careful enough. The power connecting point on the SSD is completely gone. I pulled everything I could salvage out of it and junked it. I don't much feel like taking the MB off so I can take the SSD off. That was always a PIA with this case.
  20. Well... It wasn't the power supply and wasn't necessarily the motherboard. Check the pics. The power connector to my cache drive MELTED. There are scorch marks on the bottom of the MB as well. My only hope now is that there was a recent backup of the app data directory and stored on the array. There should be. I can't remember how I have that configured. What sucks here, I mean besides THIS, is that this was a very recently purchased and upgraded drive. Obviously toast now and the one thing I didn't order a replacement for. I hope like hell I can restore the data from a backup.
  21. The fire folks had a thermal reader thing trying to find it. When it was on the only area going up in temp was a chip with a heat spreader on the motherboard. The longer it was on the hotter that got but everything else was much cooler. It’s an older board so playing it safe I’m replacing the board, memory, CPU, case, and power supply. Adding in a GPU since I’m switching over to Ryzen 7. I’m just glad after the smell got worse and worse I powered down and unplugged everything in my office. Which is a lot of crap! Had I not done that this could have been a lot worse. What a freaky morning this was. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  22. Really? That's awesome. That was my biggest concern.
  23. Hey folks. I just had the fright of my life while I was working. My office filled with a burning electrical smell and I couldn't pinpoint it so I unplugged everything and call the fire department. After they were here and determined nothing was on fire anywhere, we started plugging things back in and powering them up. The smell started coming from my UR server apparently. So it is now off and I need to get it back up and running as soon as I can. I think I'm just going to build out a whole new server, case and all, but all the drives and SATA card will come over. How do I go about doing this so all the drives come up the way they're supposed to? Figure out which SATA port they're on and try to match that on the new board? Is that even possible? And what about unRAID itself? Will it just work once plugged into the new MB or do I have to do something special? I'm still kind of freaking out over this episode. Phew.....
  24. Hi all. I'm trying to track down an issue in my Plex docker and in doing so I came across these errors in the syslog. They seem to only be on disk 5. Sep 26 21:14:30 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (60): mkdir -p /mnt/disk5 Sep 26 21:14:30 Tower root: error: /webGui/include/DeviceList.php: wrong csrf_token Sep 26 21:14:30 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (61): mount -t xfs -o noatime,nodiratime /dev/md5 /mnt/disk5 Sep 26 21:14:30 Tower root: error: /webGui/include/DeviceList.php: wrong csrf_token Sep 26 21:14:30 Tower root: error: /webGui/include/DeviceList.php: wrong csrf_token Sep 26 21:14:30 Tower kernel: XFS (md5): Mounting V5 Filesystem Sep 26 21:14:30 Tower root: error: /webGui/include/DeviceList.php: wrong csrf_token Sep 26 21:14:31 Tower kernel: XFS (md5): Ending clean mount Sep 26 21:14:31 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (62): xfs_growfs /mnt/disk5 Is this anything to be concerned with? I'm attaching diagnostic file just in case. Thanks in advance.