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  1. Quadro P400 should do the trick and can be found on eBay for around $100
  2. Hello, I've been running this container for a while now. Over a year at least. I've had no issues until today when I setup a new proxy host and attempted to request a new certificate from LetsEncrypt. I receive this error when attempting to request the certificate. "Internal Error" I found this in the container logs [6/5/2020] [12:39:21 PM] [Express ] › ⚠ warning Command failed: /usr/bin/certbot certonly --non-interactive --config "/etc/letsencrypt.ini" --cert-name "npm-14" --agree-tos --email "" --preferred-challenges "dns,http" --webroot --domains "" Another instance of Certbot is already running. How can I troubleshoot this issue? Any other clues I should look for or anyone else who's seen this?
  3. I'm giving this one a try myself. I have the container installed and connected to Postgres. The only problem is I can't login! admin:admin doesn't work and I'm not sure how you set the password for the container. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Has anyone gotten email notifications to work with the nzbgetvpn container? I am trying to use the gmail smtp server and get the following error. Executing script Executing script with command ConnectionTest EMail: Script successfully started EMail: Creating Email EMail: Sending E-Mail EMail: [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address Script with command ConnectionTest failed Ideas?
  5. Is it possible to install python modules in this container? I want to run this script, but there are module dependencies that I need to meet for it to work. pip does not appeared to be installed, and I'm not sure if there's any other way to go about installation as I'm not very adept with python. Furthermore, I would be concerned about any changes I make surviving an upgrade or even restart of the container.
  6. No questions or complaints today. Just wanted to say I've got this running with my new GPU and Plex container and it works great. Thanks for all the hard work Linuxserver team!
  7. Wow, that site is great. Thank you so much! Edit: sorry for breaking the rules. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  8. I'm planning on buying a GPU for use with this plugin and a Plex container. Can I buy any GPU listed here and be pretty much assured it will work, or is there any kind of compatibility list to watch out for?
  9. I am in fact using a single disk for my Plex config. So I must not have the same issues that others may have run into. I'm mostly curious if anyone who experience Plex DB corruption with UNraid 6.7 has seen the issue resolved since earlier this month.
  10. I wonder if we have a similar situation then. I do have a cache drive, but I don't use it for my Plex config because the PhotoTranscoder volume can take up a ton of space with the way I use Plex and my cache pool isn't every large. Still I wonder why using an array disk instead of a cache disk would have the effect of corrupting the Plex DB, if its related at all.
  11. A couple of weeks ago I updated to UNraid 6.7 and shortly thereafter my plex DB kept corrupting itself and I had to restore from a backup multiple times. I rolled back to UNraid 6.6.7 and everything has been fine since. I noticed my plex docker updated a few days ago and I'm wondering if I should try updating UNraid to 6.7 again. Did anyone else have a similar experience and are you now running UNraid 6.7 after the most recent Plex docker upgrade?
  12. Agreed that it is not a good idea, it was more of a troubleshooting step. I have tried multiple VPN servers, all with the same results. Outbound SMTP does not appear to be working at all and this includes to multiple email providers. lan_network is uses to allow INBOUND access to the sabnzbd web ui, but it also seems to affect outbound traffic as well. Basically it appears to be a split tunnel setting. Previously however, I did not need any special settings for outbound SMTP to work over VPN. I am beginning to suspect however that it is something to do with my new Internet provider as well since I just changed services this week.
  13. Something weird has happened with my installation of this container in the past couple of days and I am unable to send email notifications with VPN enabled. I have tried my both gmail and office365 and neither are able to connect to respective SMTP server. I found a listing of all gmail SMTP ip ranges and added them to the LAN_NETWORK variable in the container settings. This seems to have done the trick, but seems like a less than ideal situation. Has anyone else seen this behavior in recent days? For what it's worth, I have NEVER been able to get my local SMTP server working while VPN is enabled. Even though I have put my local networks in the LAN_NETWORK variable. Very strange.
  14. I just set this container up over the weekend. I was able to connect it to ProtonVPN without issue and have tested download by manually dropping a .nzb file into my watched folder and it was able to max out my speed. My question is, how can I configure things properly so that I can push from an indexer to the sabnzbd API? I have set this up successfully in the past with port forwarding on my router. I tried it for this sab installation on the off chance that it would work, but have been unable to push using my home IP address. Has anyone successfully enabled push for sabnzbd using this container? EDIT: I've also discovered that I cannot send alerts to my SMTP server, which is on the same layer 2 network as my UNraid server. So it would seem I am missing something when it comes to the networking within this container. Are there some parameters I should be using for specific traffic that I do not want tunneled?