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  1. Seeing the same issue. I believe it worked at some point, it wasn't until this morning that I realized my backups weren't being created. I am going back to my manual virsh/rsync script I was running before this.
  2. I picked this up from somebody on this forum so if I find out who I will give credit but this is what I run in user scripts on Monthly schedule. It zips my plex directory minus the cache folder then deletes any existing backups older than 45 days from my Backup share. #!/bin/bash zip -rq /mnt/user/Backup/PlexZip/$(date +\%Y-\%m-\%d-\%H-\%M).zip /mnt/cache/Apps/Plex/ -x "/mnt/cache/Apps/Plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Cache/*" find /mnt/user/Backup/PlexZip/ -mindepth 1 -mtime +45 -delete
  3. Anyone confirm this is resolved with 6.8? @johnnie.black?
  4. Also seeing this. I have dockers configured to go out of different interfaces based on IP address so setting back to UnraidIP:port does not work for me.
  5. Hi All, I upgraded 6.8 RC1 from 6.6.7 (was at 6.7 but rolled back due to performance issue). After the upgrade, one of my two Win10 VMs was basically unusable. It is my gaming machine which I pass through a Nvidia GPU. I am unable to stay connected via RDP before it would either kick me out or completely lock up. The other Windows 10 VM seemed fine. I was able to connect and navigate around with no issues. I have rolled back to 6.6.7 for now. Attaching Diags. debo-server-diagnostics-20191012-1509.zip
  6. Happy birthday unraid! 6 years now and wow how much has changed. So much more user friendly and has become the all in one system we could have only dreamt about. Keep up the great work...and shout out to awesome community that are so quick to provide insight and pass along their knowledge to help others.
  7. I did see that post and tried to mount the cache device. Problem is the cache pool was was encrypted. How can I mount that? Update: I ended up reformatting the drive. Luckily I am pretty good about backing up my VMs and Docker apps. Thanks for the help. Next time I need to read the faq a little more closely.
  8. Hello, I was following the instructions in the faq on removing one of my two cache pool ssd's. Stopped the array, removed cache 2 and when starting the array, cache comes up as u mountable and Has format button. Obviously I don't want to do that. I tried to move the cache back to the array but still showing as unmount able. What did I do wrong. Is it because I had pool balanced as -dconvert=raid0 -mconvert=raid1? Should I have converted back to raid0 first? Any help is appreciated
  9. I am having the same issue. I tried stopping the preclear and resuming but now it is stuck at "starting" the post read. Any next steps? Attaching Diags and Preclear logs. debo-server-diagnostics-20180907-2041.zip DEBO-SERVER-preclear.disk-20180907-2036.zip
  10. See the Wiki for instructions. https://lime-technology.com/wiki/UnRAID_Manual_6#Physical_to_Virtual_Machine_Conversion_Process
  11. Thanks Johnnie, I made an assumption that the marvel controller was the 4 ports away from other 10. I did read some about issues with Marvell controller but thought the iommu=pt to the go file would help with drives dropping off array. I moved everything off Marvell controller and added my dell perc 310 to give me the needed sata ports. It is doing the rebuild of disk 6 now. Hopefully all goes well. I appreciate your assistance! DB
  12. Hey Everyone, So long story short. I just built a new dual core Xeon build. I moved all my drives and memory to the new case. When I moved the SuperMicro 5 drive cage, I accidentally unplugged fan so my drives started running hot and came home to alarms blaring. Drives were hitting mid 50's Celsius for a couple of hours intermittently as there were being used. I powered down server, re-attached the fan and powered server back up. Disk 6 dropped offline. I assumed I knocked the cable when re-attaching the fan so I stopped the array, removed disk, stopped and added disk back in. During the rebuild I am now getting reallocated sector count errors on one of my parity (Dual Parity) drives. Drives 3 and 4 also were showing thousands of errors so I stopped the rebuild. Not sure where I should go from here. I am running a extended smart test on parity 1, disk 3, 4 & 6 now. Attaching diags from earlier. Any help would be appreciated. debo-server-diagnostics-20180331-2216.zip
  13. Setup Dynamic DNS and forward port in router.
  14. You can ignore. I ran make_bootable.bat again and it was able to boot again with 6.3.5. I will not delete in case anyone else runs into this issue.
  15. In a bit of a jam here. I recently attempted to upgrade to 6.4.0-rc7a and my server would not boot after initial reboot. I have already tried copying BZ files from previous folder by moving flash drive to windows. Anything else I can try here? What are my recovery options? Thanks!