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  1. Hey there, I hope I am at the right place for this question. My question is: I need a script that compares two folders and deletes the duplicates in the second folder. This only needs to happen at folder level. /mnt/user/temp/folder1/... /mnt/user/temp/folder2/... <-- delete duplicate folders and files in the folders I don't trust myself to do it, since it involves deleting possibly thousands of folders. Could anybody help me, please? cheers
  2. Hey there, I can't right click on the nodes via VNC viewer in this instance of deconz. Does anybody got a clue how this could work? Here a screenshot how it is in the docker and how it is in the normal deconz installation on my PC. I need the right click menu to add some sensors. I need the possibility to right click nodes and get the options shown there. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello all, I have the following problem with my SABnzbd docker. Unfortunately, it no longer starts properly and the web frontend is no longer displayed to me. I just can't figure it out from the following logs. Can someone help me to find a clue? Hello all, I have the following problem with my SABnzbd docker. Unfortunately, it no longer starts properly and the web frontend is no longer displayed to me. I just can't figure it out from the following logs. Can someone help me to find a clue? Thank you in advance!
  4. I've disabled the plugin "HDDTemps" in the telegraf config. It would be awesome to get the functionality back up to monitor the HDD temps via grafana. But unti that I am happy that the HDDs stay spun down. I am tackling the issue in the next few days, if I find the time for it. Maybe you could explain the "post agrument" idea a little further? Thanks!
  5. This was not the case for me. I've restarted my dockers one by one and it looks like that "telegraf" is keeping the disks spun up. Trying to figure out now why though.
  6. I'm settling with RC2 right now. I hope it runs relatively smooth. I've got the next problem though. My HDDs are held spun up by somthing, I can't tell what. Does anyone can take a look at the diagnosis? Thanks.
  7. Updated to RC2 and the behavior is gone. Going to test some more.
  8. Hey there, by investigating the high powerdraw of my system I stumbled upon a very bad quirk in my system. The system shows all disks as spun down but they are actually spun up! I can feel them vibrating or spinning back up, after I forced them to spin down. That is a HUGE difference of nearly 40W!!! Not to talk about the always running disks that should be spun down to enhance their lifespan. Here my diagnostics.
  9. Very good idea! Thanks. Gonna try that out. I've ordered the CPU nevertheless. In case the sidegrade doesn't turn out as I hope it will, the CPU will propably sell for the very same price I've ordered it today. They are sold as salvaged parts from OEM systems. Does anyone have information about newer Ryzen generations and the powerstate handling under Unraid?
  10. Hey community, I'm in the process of upgrading/sidegrading my server. First off, I wanna get the powerdraw significantly lower. My current setup consists of: Ryzen 1700 @ 3000MHz Asus B450 ROG Strix F Gaming 32GB RAM @ 2400MHz 10x HDDs helium/Non-helium 4x SSDs 1x Dell H310 SAS controller 1x Intel Gigabit NIC 5x Noctua Fans 1x Nvidia GTX1070 for transcoding 34 Dockers and 2 Debian VMs running. The system draws around 100W in idle state. I've got several thoughts about getting the powerdraw lower: I've set the CPU clockspeed that low because under unraid the powerstates weren't managed right like 2 years ago and setting it lower was the only option to keep the CPU under control. Same with the RAM. I don't neet the speed of the RAM but from 3200MHz to 2400MHz were a decrease in powerdraw of 6W. Second I'm considering changing the CPU to a Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G. These CPUs should have a severly lower powerdraw. What do you guys think? Thanks for suggestions in advance! cheers!
  11. Hi, do you have information about the powerdraw of the system? I'm considering downgrading my Ryzen 1700 8 Core CPU to a more energy saving, newer CPU. Thanks!
  12. I've solved the docker issue for now. I changed the following setting: There was a second entry for br1 with no gateway etc. I've unchecked the entry and restarted the docker service. The dockers are resolving the addresses correctly now. I have no clue, why a docker with an IP in the net would try to communicate via br1 and its not available gateway. It's a mystery to me. My problem from the first post isn't resolved yet. Maybe someone could help? Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. I've pinned the issue down to all the dockers with a static IP address and br0 as their network. They can't resolve any address. What am I missing? Do I have to configure the second NIC any different to not intervene with the traffic of br0 or sth like that? Has anyone an idea?
  14. Some docker, which are part of the network via br0 can't resolve DNS. I can't figure out what's wrong. Pleas help!