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  1. Happens with avi or mkv does not matter.
  2. 1st let me start by saying I am not sure if this is a CouchPotato or NZBGET issue but it has happened 2x now in the past week after updating the binhex CouchPotato docker and then after a few days it just started working or something else I am not aware of changes (the docker still says update available and does not go away -- same with binhex nzbget) but I am really at a loss. My post processor for movies keeps failing (Sonaar is fine btw). Here is the error log -- many thanks in advance for any help fixing this! INFO Tue Jun 28 2016 02:44:12 Collection Independence_Day_Resurgence_
  3. Anyone get this working via. ReverseProxy? Looks like others are having problems on the Github support thread...
  4. thanks this worked for what i need. just needed access to those services through an android app called NZB360 check it out at if you've never heard of it Setup dynamic dns on your router and forward the ports needed. Works great with nzb360 you can even specify local (home network) and external so it will connect to local one if you are on your home WiFi etc.
  5. Does anyone have a post processing script to call Beets from NZBGET by chance? I'm tired of doing it via. command line (docker exec with Interactive flag on) and am comfortable enough with the config to turn on post processing but I'll be damned if I can find anyting for NZBGET.
  6. Looking for some suggestions on where to look / troubleshoot. Basically my plex clients hang as soon as nzbget starts extracting / moving 8-9gb files. Playback resumes fine after its complete. Currently running unraid 6 on a Haswell i5 w/ 8gb ram. I assume this is not a cpu issue but perhaps more memory? Not sure where to look to see if that's the case etc... thanks for any suggestions. Oh I am extracting to a cache drive and playing off the raid array when this happens so possible a SATA / IDEA issue?
  7. Looking for suggestions -- binhex Sonaar works fine however if I restart Sonaar from within the docker its-self (using the web interface) Sonnar restarts and does not load the config (starts up as if it was a fresh install). If I stop and start it using the docker web console it loads the config fine? Any ideas are highly appreciated -- thanks!
  9. New to Docker so excuse my lack of understand (or perhaps I have this right). Any bridged docker's running ontop of Unraid are / should only be accessable via. IP not host name (IE: Sonaar -> NZBGET works fine by using the IP but not hostname). Is this because the docker is being NATTED out? Is there any way to assign said bridged docker a unique HOSTNAME to its-self? Reason being if possible I could prefer to have my bridged dockers accessing each other via. HOSTNAME over IP if its even worth the effort. IE: NZBGET <-> Couchpotato/Sonaar Many thanks!
  10. 1st and most important I have searched on this topic and found nothing that works so far -- I am using the latest Unraid 6 -- I can connect to it via. IP but NOT HOSTNAME from several Windows 10 clients -- I have included my ifconfig from the NAS (unraid) as well as the IP config in Unraid's Web Inteface. I can ping an example Windows 10 workstation from my Unraid telnet session via HOSTNAME of said workstation or IP but not the other way around (Windows Ping -> Unraid only works via. IP). Appreciate any assistance with this -- it was working fine initially and stopped for no reason that I
  11. Looking for some suggestions -- I am using a VM appliance on a Windows 8 machine (Ubuntu Sabnzbd, Sickbeard, etc...) which has CIFS/SMB mounts setup to my dedicated Unraid Server (v6). Everything appears to be fine speed wise until I attempt to move (write) something to the Unraid Server where it just slows down to 200kbs -- the files being moved eventually do make it there. Reading from the same server in the VM I get 25-35mbs (Wireless AC) -- now on the same machine but not in the VM read/write is perfectly fine. I don't believe this is an issue with the VM software (I have tried