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  1. was just having an issue with files not moving over correctly and being deleted from cache. I saw on reddit someone said that there is a brand new update ( that will fix this issue. Is the docker going to be updated soon to 3.0?
  2. looks like that worked, thank you so much
  3. I had a 4TB drive parity. I precleared and installed a 10TB parity drive. I selected this one as parity2. That finished building the parity on the 10TB but now I want to make 10TB Parity1 and 4TB storage. I tried selecting no device for parity but it's not working and won't let me change formats. Ideas? Edit: I should add I'm fine with having no parity if I need to delete them both and rebuild to the 10TB to make it parity1 Also can I just remove 4TB drive from array and preclear it to format. Then just leave 10TB as parity2 (does it matter?) or preclear that also then rebuild?
  4. Have had my NAS with Unraid for 5 years now. Pretty much set it and forget it! I LOVE UNRAID
  5. Running to many things and we tripped the circuit breaker. I have done this a few times before when we have the AC window unit in for the summer. I have also restarted the NAS with no problem but when I try and start it up I can't get to the dashboard. I tried using telnet (haven't used it in 2+ years) and that's not working either. I also tried connecting my monitor and restarting and not getting a boot up or anything. I have lights on and fans running. Kinda freaking out over here.... what do I do? I'm not sure how to diagnose this when I'm blind right now.
  6. All of a sudden CouchPotato won't launch. I tried updating to the latest unRAID also forced updates on CP. I get "This site can't be reached" error when trying to open the WebUI. I have been using it for years with no problem. Any ideas? Edit: I deleted my docker image and remade it and now it's working. Although I wasn't able to screenshot my settings and so it seems like the CP pref aren't correct. Anyone have a screenshot for the standard settings? Edit2: I'm lost... When I go into the CP pref. and select Renamer the To: area is blank. When I try to type something it brings up a box that is also black and can't hit back or do anything besides Ok/Cancel. I tried going into the config file and manually changing the To: area but that doesnt seem to work. I changed it to "/mnt/user/Movies/HD Movies" I also tried "/mnt/user/Movies" I want it to move movies to HD Movies though. I have my Movies path set to: /mnt/user/Movies/
  7. Thanks for showing the "Force Update" option, I couldn't get Plex to update but that did the trick *mod edit* Moved this feedback to the correct thread. The FAQ thread is only for FAQ!
  8. spoke to soon... it started up again tonight. The TV folder is back do you think that can be the cause? Should I tell SAB to make a new folder with a diff name that might help? Does SAB need to be reinstalled? So 1 folder was in there and when I removed it it's going faster again. This is pretty frustrating...
  9. I uploaded above, was that not correct? I would also ask if your upgrade was from v5?. I have noticed that people have experienced issues when doing an upgrade from v5. Sometimes these can be resolved by doing a clean install of v6. In all honesty these issues can be hard to debug but I'm happy (as I'm sure are others) to help you sort them. It is however going to rely on you doing some exploring and debugging too. I would suggest investigating the two points above first. If all fails you could try a fresh v6 rebuild (assuming it was v5 you upgraded from). Sorry I'm not being more help. Thanks for looking at it for me. I understand I'm not giving you much to go off of, I have basically set this and forget it so I don't really know how to do any of this stuff. 1. Not sure why it's trying to remove directories. I'll just delete the TV folder and see if that fixes it and just rebuild that folder. It's just a holding place for SAB before sickbeard moves the files. 2. I did upgrade from v5. Not from this last update but the one before. I was scared about upgrading so payed for Limetech to walk me through it. So he checked all my settings out to make sure it was setup right and I know everything was installed right. After deleting that folder it seems to have sped things up a bit. SAB still seems slower than normal though. If this sticks I can deal with a slower SAB.
  10. I uploaded above, was that not correct?
  11. Western Digital 500 GB not SSD. only 99GB used
  12. Yea I didn't know how to post the diagnostics file, thanks for the link. no VM Docker: Couch Potatoe, Crashplan, Plex, Sickbeard, Sabnzbd Plugins: Dynamix WebGUI, Community Applications Memory usage is about 18% right now but it says allocated is almost the full amount. Is that normal? allocated 15,925 MB installed 16,384 MB It may have gotten very slow when I upgraded to the latest version of unRAID... tower-diagnostics-20160809-2347.zip
  13. Seemed to start a few weeks ago, maybe longer. Never had any problems before that but now everything is very slow and laggy. Any ideas? ver. 6.1.9 M/B: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. - H87I-PLUS CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz HVM: Disabled IOMMU: Disabled Cache: 256 kB, 1024 kB, 8192 kB Memory: 16384 MB (max. installable capacity 16 GB)
  14. Plex never gave me any problems with the beta you're using so I don't know whether the upgrade will fix that or not. Whose plugin or docker are you using? I'm using Needo's Plex and I have Plex Pass with the latest update. Lately the dropping has been getting really bad. Every 15-20 min the movie/show will stop playing with an error msg so I have to hit OK and then it goes right back in, this is on the Roku 3. Also it happens on my iPad but the movie will freeze so i have to back out and go back in and then it plays fine until it happens again. This seems like it has gotten worse since I got Plex Pass and updated Plex Server. Well that's good to know that the update process has become smoother.