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  1. Ahh, Thx! I am a bit ashamed that I did not find that setting in stats... Regarding the cache, I do not have appdata in there. I will try raising the value until it works. /Esse
  2. Hi guys, I have two questions: Regarding the stats plugin, is it possible to see the bond (802.3ad) instead of just eth0 in the stats? And in cache dir plugin, is there a recommended value to the amount of memory the script uses? I run it now at 300000 and it still dies on me. /Esse
  3. Use a terminal open midnight commander with the command mc navigate to the folder and delete Thx, will try /E
  4. Hi guys, I need some help with removing the UMS folder under Appdata that Universal Media Server did create. UMS did not work for me :'( I could not find a way to add my media folders to it, the web interface was a mess so I did uninstall. Running Emby now and that works great. Cheers Esse
  5. Hi P! Running V 6.1.3 with Emby server Plugin Version: 2015.09.06.1, I am getting installed failed and failed MD5 checksum when I press the Install button under Settings/Emby server? It is not a new install, but this happens from time to time and usually it helps to just press Install. Any ideas? Cheers Esse
  6. Aha, ok, then it should not be a problem. This was great info guys, just in case I go for this scenario. Thanks again! /E
  7. Thanks guys! Yes, just a bad SMART status. Will this work: 1/ Move the content of the "faulty" drive over to the remaining drives. 2/ Take the array offline, shutdown and remove the drive. 3/ Boot up, run the "New config" (scary, have never done this before ), will this only see the drives that are left in the array and give them new numbers? 4/ Take the array online and run a parity check. In "New config" it says: "This is a utility to reset the array disk configuration so that all disks appear as "New" disks, as if it were a fresh new server." Does this mean that all dat
  8. Hi guys, I see under the Dashboard that the SMART status of one of my drives shifted to red. There is plenty of space in the array to accommodate the data from that drive without replacing it. Is there a way to do this, make unRAID rearrange the data to the other drives in the array, and remove "the soon to be faulty drive" from the array? I searched the forum and the Manual but did not find anything specific on this scenario. Cheers /E
  9. Hi guys! Is it safe to upgrade to latest RC4? Will Emby updates work? Cheers /E
  10. Just to make it easier to choose what brand to use next: /E
  11. New Emby for RC3 running great! Thx PhAzE! /E
  12. Thx PhAzE! Will you post here when this is verified on the RC:s /E
  13. Hi guys! Did anyone buy this SM 5in3? If so, did you notice any drop in performance as noted by some former buyers here: Cheers Esse
  14. Hi guys, I am just testing the balance-rr feature at a customer and got that working with amazing speed! An observation I did is that the Dashboard shows 75-76% cpu usage, but the stats plugin shows 5-7%, plus the network in stats only shows 400Mbit but the clients computers did receive data with between 100MB-120MB speeds. (Full gigabit speed) Before I did enable the balance-rr the measurements looked good, could this be a bug in the dashboard or the stats plugin maybe? Cheers Esse