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  1. I was having the same issues with it crashing awhile back. Was very random. From a few hours to a week. Once it did crash it was unavailable on the network, but you could still use the CLI. Not sure if it was fixed, but it had something to do with the linux kernal they used in the build a few were saying. I updated to the latest beta (6.4 rc7a) and haven't had an issue since. 39 days up no issues.
  2. Have had this a few times myself. Thought it was a VM or Docker so I tried disabling different ones to no effect. Completely locks up the server. There are a few things that I've noticed looking at the logs. http://prntscr.com/gbhgis Bunch of enables/disables and promiscuous/blocking on boot up. Maybe after awhile something gets out of wack and locks a port? Also I've noticed FTP keeps turning to Enabled on every reboot. Even after changing it to disabled. cloud-diagnostics-20170822-0047.zip
  3. Can you give an example with slashes. Was wondering if the spaces were giving me troubles. I did do "rm -rf /mnt/cache/Dockers/Plex Media Server" and got no directory found.
  4. Hello. Having a bit of trouble deleting a share that is on my cache from a docker (Plex). When I go to the share in windows and try to delete it, it goes threw the deleting process, but the files remain. Does the whole green deleting bar and everything. They just wont go away. Structured as: Cache (Actual cache drive) -Dockers (First Folder) --Plex Media Server (Sub folder) ---"Files I want to delete" (Files) Not the best in the CLI. But I tried -rm -rf /mnt/cache/Dockers/Plex Media Server/ and get a no directory found. Latest unRaid. If anyone knows the proper input please let me know. I don't need anything in the Plex folder. Trying to clean it out for a fresh install. But would like to keep the other docker shares. Thanks, Kenneth.
  5. I was able to log in. Seems like IE didn't like it. I had to use Chrome to log into it. Is there an EZ way to install FTB Infinity in this docker? Seems like its a pain. But I'm not very experienced in the whole MC server thing. Just tinkering around. When i try to make a server from archive it wants a server.config file that FTBserver doesn't have until its started. Seems i need to run a start script to get it going.
  6. Thought I would try this out. What is the Web UI's default user name? Thanks, Kenny.
  7. I got a great deal on a Dell (Wyse) P25 thin client and wanted to use it as a remote desktop portal to my windows VM on my TV. Its running VMware Horizon and I'm not familiar with that software. It seems to want a server/broker to connect to before the VM. Is there a free software package that can be run in another VM (or on the current VM)? Or some Client to Client type program that can just be downloaded to the VM, kinda like Teamviewer. I'd like to see if someone knows more before I mess with Installing another OS on it. It has an option for Direct Connection but seems like it is wanting a form of authentication. Thanks, Kenny.
  8. Thanks for the replies. My box is always up except for a restart once a month for cleaning. With auto start on so I think I'm good on that.
  9. Hello. Thanks in advance for any assistance, I'm still pretty new to VM's. So I'd really like to run a pfSense box and get rid of my craptastic router/modem combo. I have other routers laying around but none are ddwrt compatable or are to old. I'd hate to spend a hundrend or more for something a VM could easily handle. So I had a few questions. 1. I chose "Enable VM's" in the webui. By default is it KVM or Xen? Or is it something I choose on boot up? 2. In the VM manager it says to pick the OS and lists Windows, Linux, Fedora etc. But it allows me to choose the ISO. So could I just say Linux and just install the PF ISO? Or does that tell the install script the drivers to install? 3. I understand unRaid puts divices in groups. So if I added a pci-e double nic card. Could it be assigned to a PF VM to then be configured within the VM. Ie Input/Output. I see the option to pass pci so I would assume so. Thanks, Kenny.
  10. Hi. Are there any ports that I need to open for this that might have changed? It worked great but after an update I'm posting "KO" in the log. the token and domain seem fine. I tried with and w/o quotes. Thanks, Kenny.
  11. Hello and Thanks for the great work. I have the TS docker and I like it. The only problem is that after a docker update it resets the server. Like it can't find the config file that stores my channel settings from the last setup. It resets to default and requires the 1st time login token. A server reset keeps all the info tho. /config is set to /mnt/cache/Dockers/TeamSpeak Server. Is that right or am I missing something? Thanks, Kenny.
  12. Hello. Had some questions for the pros. Just wanted to mess with pfSense some and wondering if I should try a Docker if its able to be set up, or try it in a normal VM. 1. How secure is the Docker container from unRaid? 2. Is it possible to run a pfSense container that can intercept traffic before going to unRaid if an extra nic is added and configured like a normal VM? 3. Can you allocate resources (besides cpu's and HDD's) inside a docker? Thanks, Kenny.
  13. A way to pre-allocate a set amount of hard drive space aside whether it is a % or GB size. What ever is easiest. It would be great for those that rather not write on the outer rings or may have "Until Full" on but want to leave 10% open or what not. Just a thought, and if its already included then just disregard this. Thanks, Kenny.
  14. Thanks for the posts. Yea I wasn't quite sure. Seen some links saying it was possible but non related to unRaid. IPv6 would be nice too. Or I wonder if Ventrilo was willing to put out a 64 bit version. Skip that part on our end.
  15. Thanks for your work. I had a few questions. for some reason I'm getting "Connection Refused". Which makes me want to assume the ports are off. Even when connecting to a server on the local network. Any advice? 10.0.0.*** 64738 is what its saying. Do I have to change anything in the config file? Thanks, Kenny.