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  1. I have tried that app. It sadly is not the same.
  2. If you go to setting and go to v0.3.4. It works fine for me.
  3. Yup having the same issue. As soon as I do a manual spin down all drives spin back up minutes later. Looking at the log file it shows SMART test spin up the drives. Which is weird because Im not using any apps like Sys temp or telegraf. Decided to go back to 6.8 and everything works fine.
  4. Also having issues since 6.9.1 update. If not supported anymore it will be sadly missed.
  5. I know this is pretty much an unsupported plug in but I was wondering if anyone still uses it and if you've upgraded to 6.9.1 without any issues?
  6. Hello I was wondering if you found a solution to this problem? I'm thinking of switching to a 16i card but have read similar stories about the firmware updates.
  7. Just wondering if this plug-in is still being supported or if everyone is moving to Wireguard?
  8. STOP button is not working. Had a problem with one of my disks so I stopped the array. When I started it back up could not get Openvpn to connect.Had to do a reboot to get it to connect.
  9. I know this is from last year but was wondering if anyone has found a fix for this? As I am experiencing the same problems. The plugin not reconnecting and having to restart the array to get it properly work. Spectrum has been doing alot of maintance\upgrades in my area so internet has been reseting thruout the day.
  10. Thank you. I've been looking at doing this. Getting tired of Windows and all the updates screwing up my SMB shares.
  11. Uninstall this plug in. It hasn't work for awhile and doesn't seem to be supported anymore. It's been months with no updates or replys.
  12. There is a problem with this plug in after the 6.7.2 update. It's been a couple of months with no fixes or updates. Consider sys temp/fan control plug in dead.
  13. There is a problem with the System temp plug in after OS update. Read thru post. Others are having the same problems.
  14. ......🦗🦗🦗 Ok guess these plugins aren't being supported anymore.
  15. Yup. How could they change? Update to 6.7.0. nothing changes, settings still the same. No array temps. Shows "not used". Revert back to 6.6.7. temps show back up. Works fine. Update again to 6.7.0. No array temps. Shows "not used". Checked Nerd pack for updates. I'd say it's a problem with the plug in and makes fan auto control not work.