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  1. Ahhh! I thought this was redundant information, I didn't realize this would be different than the config screenshots. Hopefully this is what you are looking for; root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='Transmission_VPN' --net='bridge' --privileged=true -e TZ="America/Los_Angeles" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'OPENVPN_USERNAME'='' -e 'OPENVPN_PASSWORD’=‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' -e 'OPENVPN_CONFIG'='default' -e 'OPENVPN_PROVIDER'='IPVANISH' -e 'LOCAL_NETWORK'='192.168.xx.0/24 10.xx.xx.0/24' -e 'TRANSMISSION_RPC_USERNAME
  2. Thanks for the reply, though, clearly I am lacking in knowledge as I don't know where one finds their run commands?
  3. I'm struggling to get Transmission_VPN to work with IPVanish. I previously had it functioning just fine with PIA, but haven't ran the docker in a while (PIA account expired), switched my VPN provider to IPVanish, and now when I change the config in the docker I can't web into it. It LOOKS like it's running (Docker shows its started), but I am assuming I can't get into the webGui because the tunnel is not connecting. I have tried to read through the documentation, and I see there is some IPVanish config info, but can't quite find where to copy that config file to. Any help would be, w
  4. Cool, I'll give it a try. Funny that I never thought to do it! Does the NIC still function in safe mode? Or do I need to do it all from a local GUI? I guess I will find out!
  5. Im terribly confused by this. I go and check on it, its paused, so I RESUME it, and have had to do so maybe 5 times, and get about 1-2% done, then it pauses again. My 2nd parity disk had been showing UDMA CRC errors every time I rebooted, and then finally yesterday the disk just stopped working properly in the array (It showed up as a selectable disk, but upon boot was no longer assigned). I figured it was time to retire it. Previously I switched the POWER and the sata connection just in case, but the CRC errors kept incrementing. So I used UNBALANCE to migrate data
  6. How exactly does one do that? And what did you set it to? I need to do a restore, and of course its not working, and cant find documentation about how to make it work.. hmmm. Sounds like you hit the nail on the head, but changing the UMASK to 777 seemed to make the docker never start up properly..
  7. I am realizing that now. Trying to see if there is some automatic way to just create a 1080p cnoversion for any 4k movie I add to my plex library.. Seems like the easiest way to go.
  8. Cool I just bought one! Thanks for the tip, never knew they existed..
  9. Ahhh duh! My cores are pretty well used on lots of other tasks.. Honestly I can direct play a probably 2-3 4k streams AND have all my other dockers active , if I try to transcode a single 4k stream then I need to shut down all my dockers except Plex and my procs are all at 100%. See attached pic. I think i will create a 720p version of each 4k movie, so that when I am playing remotely the transcode engine isn't pegging my procs. I limit remote vieweing to 3mbit 720p (only have 10mbit upload speed, grrrrr), and most of my movies are 1080P. I think the QuadroP400 looks like the best devic
  10. So did you need to use a 1x->16x adapter? Or does a 16x card actually plug into a 1x slot and only 1/16th of the available bandwidth? I'm an enterprise hardware guy, every server I touch has video capabilities built in and we never have need of anything other than onboard, so I'm a total noob when it comes to my GPUs!
  11. Well its a GT730, not a 1600. It just doesnt do any encoding or decoding. I run "watch nvidia-smi" from a terminal and it shows the GT730, but shows zero transcoding. I read through about 20 pages of the UNRAID-NVIDIA plugin help topic yesterday and it seems the Quadro P400 and the GTX 1050 are my best sub-$100 options, and that each can handle (hardware limited) 2 streams at a time, even 4k->720p streams with minimal processor degradation. I just want something that's new enough that actually supports all the available features through the driver.
  12. I'll make this short and sweet. I have recently upgraded my UNRAID box to a AMD Ryzen 5 1600, and am doing lots of transcoding, and the proc is not cutting it given all my other processes/dockers. I know NOTHING about GPU's, since I am an enterprise IT guy, and do zero gaming. I bought a cheap NVIDIA Geforce GT730 to play with, and while I think I can get it to HW encode (all signs point to yes, based on this fellas informative video), all the monitoring capabilities and ways to check from inside the plex docker console all say "incompatible" with this card. More rese
  13. You can turn that function off in the plugin settings. Yep, just did, and it worked.
  14. The only thing is that built in terminal has a lag to it, and Midnight Commander doesnt work properly. I use MC all the time, and for instance I cant do a SHIFT + DOWN ARROW move to select multiple files/folders. So I tend to Telnet in or use the Command Line plugin...
  15. I BOW DOWN! You are correct, that must be it, I forgot all about that. Testing now.. THANKS!!!