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  1. Thanks for the answers. About cache_dir, i try to install plg plugin but when i acces through web gui the option appear blank Is only available for unraid v5? inotifywait command not found I'm runing 6.0-beta14b
  2. Hi, There are any log or something that i can use to know what are spin up my drives? I have installed dockers Plex(Scans 1 time per day) CrashPlan(Scans 1 time per day) rutorrent(To cache drive..) btsync(Cache drive) Thanks!
  3. Hi, Thanks for your answers. you are right, i'm talking about using on cache drive SSD anyway about memory cache dir, how much RAM consume on 3rd level directory cached? Do you know if it's working on unraid 6 beta?
  4. Hi, Do you know if it's possible use cache_dirs(based ram) over Cache drive? It's interesting because you have all the space of cache drive and no need extra ram to prevent spin up disk when try to get directory info.
  5. Hi! Thanks for your job did on rutorrent docker, but I like more if you implement multi user rutorrent on the docker I dont want to run multiple instance's of this docker with difererents ports. Bye