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  1. What is the pull rate for adding new templates? or does it pull from repos directly?
  2. Dont know if its till a problem? but he latest docker i did work on all platforms i tested it on? but (dosent play nice with kvm/docker on the same bridge witch macvlan something brakes not much I can do, packages get stuck in limbo(works with OVS so kernel/package related ) )
  3. Dont use qbit myself, if you still use? it i can build a new one.
  4. Haven´t checket in here for along time sorry(work, life and not beeing on unraid). This should just be a "false/positive" since sendmail is installed, the messages you see would normaly go to the root user (but could prly fix it if the log is bothering ppl )
  5. The problem is that unraid uses a custom "rc.inet1" script that binds eth0 -> ethX(8?)¨(with bonds and bridges) cant remember excactly since i´m not on unraid now. The second problem is how the GO file since it runs very late, rc.inet1 runs very early(rc/slack standard) then things like libvirtd is started so that messes up bridges,second interfaces etc.. (when they are dependent on the config that comes from the GO file, autostarts of VM for example can take for ever times outs after 3 minutes). Plugin suffers from this asweal since they have no option to start before "rc.inet1"(to push config) (can always make one that loads late and simply does an ugly restart of services and starts vm etc.. but terribly ugly) I acctually made a custom build of unraid with vlan(kernel) support and a custom rc."scripts" to circumvent all this(but not very user friendly) (that is why I use plain ol´ debian however coming back in a hearbeat when this gets fixed(added) in the future) A more simpler sulution would be to add/change all this in the core =P. But the even simpler solution before this gets added is to make a second "GO" file for "advanced users" or "dev plugins" that is called "DEV_GO" and is called early in the "RC" scripts either at the very end of "rc.S" or lets say it´s own rc scripts that is called first "rc.01" This would make it possible to completly change pretty much any config you want(would probably need a pretty hefty statement that this is not supported =P) //mace
  6. Should be supported since nut 2.7.1 ( So should be supported with my plugin ( - Will update (Ambrotos) snmp settings under the holidays for the plugin, also nut 2.7.4 is released so gonna check if I get the time to build it.
  7. See the first post on this thread, it might help: Nice too hear it worked out! I had to try to reproduce the "bug" and it was quite easy. A docker image of only 2gb and only openvpn-as installed reproduced the same error. So I installed an ubuntu vm and tried the same, when disk space got below 2gb I got the same error. Guess thats the limit =P
  8. The only thing I could find about that error seems to be that i can occur when disk is full. Hows the space of your docker.img? Other then that all I can sugest is to remove the image and config and see if that helps.
  9. The connectivity test will fail, due to it being behind nat(router). Will still work though. Have you tried connecting to your external ip from another network? lets say your phone on 3g/4g? Some routers dosent allow for connecting to your own external ip, due to a "nat loop" I know moast asus routers come with a function called nat-loopback to make this possible.
  10. Sry for the late replay, been enjoying some time off. I will look into it, just some quick questions I guees you would like to be able to choose some sort of "pollfreq" from your example?, havent checked out the snmp-ups driver or your ups does it only support snmp v2 (due to the pullfreq) or v3 for traps?, if it supports v3(the only way i can think a snmp-ups shutdown that times system shutdown is possible) have you tried this with nut or proprietary software? Just want to know before I dig deeper into something that i cant test. //mace PS. This plugin kinda been onhold due to work but gonna tinker something togheter.
  11. Dont use esxi but why would you want to add a vnic then bond them in unraid? why not "hard" bond them in esxi for all your vm´s? vnics regardless of esxi, kvm etc.. will just use pure cpu to communicate. I do have them hard bonded in ESXi. Just figured there might be some way for me to take advantage of having a second NIC inside my unRAID configuration to maybe get some added bandwidth. Communication like that will only go through the cpu so it dosent mather. You can install a speed test program in your vm´s and test inter-communication to see what i mean, a good program for benchmarking is "iperf". but in your case you would install iperf on a networked pc that is "bonded" and in unraid(or a vm in unraid) and you would moast allready see the speeds of the bond in esxi (i guess 2gbits).
  12. Dont use esxi but why would you want to add a vnic then bond them in unraid? why not "hard" bond them in esxi for all your vm´s? vnics regardless of esxi, kvm etc.. will just use pure cpu to communicate.
  13. Heya, Due to this "" doing an apt-get upgrade fixes it i guess. Normally not a problem but had i client connected with the wrong user details and filled up syslog, my docker used about 4gigs of ram ;( //mace