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  1. what happened to the crashplan gui docker? dont see it in the app list.
  2. just updated to the new version, ill have to wait and see if it happens again in 2 days. i will try a memtest.
  3. it stays running for 2 days then offline, check this thread: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=47053.0 that is basically what is happening here, except i dont get anything about a usb reset like in his last posts. attached the diagnostics tower-diagnostics-20160303-2021.zip
  4. checked my dockers and the different settings for my plugins and i dont see anything that uses that port
  5. no idea but i had installed the SNMP plugin at one point but removed it later not sure it that makes a difference here.
  6. So i keep having this issue where my array goes offline about every 2 days then im forced to restart, have no idea why this keeps happening. syslog attached. tower-syslog-20160302-1352.zip
  7. that didn't do anything for me but fortunately i remembered i had a USB sound card that i had laying around, passed it through and installed the drivers on the vm everything working perfectly. last minor issue, because of the monitor the vm is connected to i can't do 1080p so when i stream a game it wont be full resolution on the tv screen
  8. Go to settings > VM Manager. What network bridge are you using there? its using virbr0 also for whatever reason it's seeing the keyboard and i can actually assign it now... That's your issue. Stop the array. Goto Settings > Network Settings Set enable bridge to yes Apply Goto Settings > VM Manager Change the default bridge from virbr0 to br0 Apply Start the array Edit your VM Enable Advanced View Mode Toggle your network bridge from virbr0 to br0 Apply Start your VM Steam streaming will work now. yeah that worked and im able to stream now. now i have a different issue where im not getting any sound after assigning the GPU Audio controller
  9. Go to settings > VM Manager. What network bridge are you using there? its using virbr0 also for whatever reason it's seeing the keyboard and i can actually assign it now...
  10. I created a windows 7 vm with steam installed passing through a 970 and it works now what im trying to do is in-home streaming to a steam link my issues is that the link is not detecting the VM. i can see the vm under network on my other pc i have sharing and discovery turned on in the VM but im unable to connect to it and im not really sure what the problem is any help appreciated. [edit] as an added issue any keyboard i've plugged in usb isn't being shown in the vm settings and im unable to assign a keyboard to the vm, been using onscreen keyboard.
  11. is there anyway for it to also give you a speedtest link with the results rather then an img?
  12. is something broken with 6.1.3? i cant seem to get this working at all. i try adding my movies share /mnt/user/Movies and all i get is "nothing to do" message
  13. i want to be able to connect to my unraid from my phone outside the network, is the server plugin the only thing i need or do i have to install both the server and client?
  14. is it possible to update jackett to the newer versions?
  15. Ivy Bridge LGA 1155 so not the current Haswell tech. i5 3570S - pretty much new Sapphire 7870 XT -had this for 3+ years Motherboards i havent had long < year. im thinking it might just be the motherboards and shitty IOMMU support from shitty Asus. i may just sell everything i have and buy current with tested hardware for now i'll wait until i can get the 550GTX to test some more. If i decide to buy new hardware what should i be looking at in the mid range? I need VM and GPU Passthrough capabilites What's your total budget / range? How many SATA ports do you require? How many GPUs / other PCI devices do you intend to install? Can definitely give you some pointers. budget $1400 if i can sell both my current setups for around $400-$500 each + some extra from my pocket. *note im dealing with Canadian Dollars. *Ill probably be buying from newegg.ca or canadacomputers.com Not looking to buy any drives but i need at least 7 sata for the ones i already have. I just need 1 gpu for a single VM, maybe a sound card but im not sure how much of a benefit passing a sound card to a vm is going to give me. Ok, I think your budget is reasonable. Do you want to go new CPU as well (haswell series) or do you want to try to stick with the CPU you have already? If you stick with what you got, it might work just fine with another motherboard. If you go completely new CPU/Mobo, I would push you to purchase based on a system I have tested and working (http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/UnRAID_Manual_6#Workstation_.283_of_3.29). That system has 10 SATA ports on the mobo itself and I've tested it with several GPUs now and it works really solid. if i stick with what i have, which motherboard would you recommend? also where could i even buy that motherboard in the link, just did a search and it doesn't seem to be getting sold anywhere. I will put a build together for you based on currently available hardware. That or I could resell you the one I have ;-). would really appreciate if you could do that, also send me a PM and we can discuss price/shipping if i decide to stick with what i have.