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  1. +1 - ARM based UnRaid (docker hypervisor and NAS features, sans VM's of course) would be grand! Or a pre-curated set of features for an ARM version - NAS/Media center with some household PC backup features built in perhaps. I can see people paying for a one click solution there ! Have a new RPi4 4GB in my hands - will be your first beta tester!
  2. +1 There!! (PS you (we) can also promote SI1 by supporting his Patreon). This has enabled me to go much further with UnRaid than I could otherwise go. I do think that somehow integrating the resources available thru some of the more active Community Members more directly from the Limetech website (and perhaps a "New User" tab in the UnRaid GUI that points to these) would also help the popularity of UnRaid (Squid's App store and SpaceInvaderOne's videos being the most obvious of course). Perhaps then my question is to ask if you'd be willing to consider offering some resources in this direction for the new users? Offloading the high contributor Community Members from the more basic of noob questions I'm sure would be welcome relief, & a Self Help reference can enhance the first impression for new users, and perhaps elevate the general content of the forums over time. SI1 is gradually becoming your Wiki !
  3. I have the same issue with a Hackintosh VM - supposed to boot to the Clover bootloader. I followed the guide to the letter that's supposed to work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk