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  1. Apologies, just recently sold the board / CPUs. need to update the thread. definitely perfect for UnRaid. Got a great price on Threadripper or they’d still be chugging along. happy hunting!
  2. Ready to send my trusty dual CPU E5-2667 V2 ASUS ATX-sized server to a new home, just want it to be an UnRaid one Standout features : 14 SATA/SAS ports onboard, USB3, IMPI/iKVM, onboard low end GPU, handy if you want to use monitor on it for GUI and keep others for passthru. Basically can do all the unraid goodness onboard and still have all your PCIe slots for -- whatever... and cram it into ATX case. Short version: $200 for board, $200 for dual CPUs + coolers, free shipping in US, 32GB ECC DDR3 RAM included (8GB x4) Or - read on if you'd rather have a full system build, I'm happy to flex to your needs / negotiate (price on above is firm however). https://www.servethehome.com/asus-z9pa-d8-review-dual-intel-xeon-e5-2600-atx-motherboard/ https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Xeon+E5-2667+v2+%40+3.30GHz&id=2154 https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Xeon+E5-2667+v2+%40+3.30GHz&id=2154&cpuCount=2 Such a rare / neat option for ASUS to cram all this into ATX size for the E5 xeons, definitely SOHO / UnRaid friendly. Ideal IMO. Notice it even has an IPMI 2 management chip onboard (third NIC For this) - ASMB6 iKVM https://youtube/jD95EwSad7c Also I added the PIKE daughtercard (ASUS Raid card) that enables all the onboard SAS/SATA ports (14 in an ATX size!) without taking up any of the PCIe slots (it installs at the extreme edge of the board, is low profile) which is nice as it is potentially saving you the cost (and heat) of an LSI card, sparing a PCIe slot, etc. Plus cabling all the drive cables to the edge of the board is just clean. Thus, It's amazing what you can cram into ATX case with this thing, or of course easily upgrade an existing EATX server case if you want. Is in perfect working order, has been behind APS battery backup it's whole life. It's actually a board purchased (new) more recently 5-6 yrs ago, so it's not been in service all that long, IE service life much younger than it's 2012 manufacture date. The CPU's and RAM I believe are pulls from a data center sourced used on Ebay. Personally I think this is the best CPU for this board, pretty much top of the line performance from the E5 series that was so popular since most of them have 2.4GHz ranges of clock speed, etc, while this one is 3.4 and turbo's to 4.0. Pretty impressive that this is still in the top300 CPU list nearly 8 years later, and that's just for a single CPU.... Jumps to top 130th in dual CPU mode ! Meaning you're at basically Ryzen level performance yet not limited by running out of PCIe lanes in terms of similar priced CPU. This board will however accept any V1 or V2 series E5-2xxx CPUs. I could easily sell the CPU's separately if you do just want the board / already have CPUs, we can converse in the thread about it. However, these CPUs are ideal as they're high base clock vs most of the other E5s and so they'll run single threaded apps and VMs in a much more snappy way than low clocked Xeons (Not losing much from newer I-7s and you still get 32 cores...). But they're still very reasonable on power draw / heat. I did help fold proteins for COVID with it for about 30 days or so, so that's really the only time it's gotten a true Xeon workout - Rock solid, didn't miss a beat, don't believe it got over 60C as these air coolers are very good. They're the tall fin based with 120mm fan in push/pull config. One of the major brands, coolermaster I think. I basically just wanted a Threadripper upgrade as only reason to swap it out (2950x found at great price), which of course is great, but then also made me realize how still quite current and competitive this system is - does have USB 3.0, which is hard to find on servers of this era, and has onboard sound, etc. Xeons are just such compliant "Mules" of predictable no fuss performance, and of course max compatibility with UnRaid. If you do want more of a complete rig out of this: I have a sound insulated ATX Tower case (2 5.25" bays, 3 easy access 3.5" slots with slide out caddies, and various 2.5" mount points). It's either BeQuiet or some similar brand. This case is nice because it's virtually silent and has great airflow across the drives, has 2 front and one rear 120mm fan. My drives stayed 38-40C. If we're talking case/PSU I'll need to add about $50 for shipping for that. Black with clear window, easy access. It's in great condition internally, has some minor scratches externally from being shifted around etc. Has been one of my favorite cases. So would be about $500 with case. If PSU needed I could include one, $30-60 more depending on what you'd need Would ship motherboard cpu combo for free. Again, Case/PSU etc. would be $50 extra if you wanted to buy the complete system Happy to include pics and more specific description of case etc, but wanted to gauge interest first as I'd be happy to keep and reuse the case as well. Pretty sure I have original motherboard box and have drivers that I'll throw on a disc for you (or can link to, etc.). ASUS did put out a bios update after SPECTRE etc. IE it's ready to go. Note: Shipping quotes would be for US. Outside US could quote you actual shipping cost if interested.
  3. You'll typically want to consider using an unRaid plugin or more likely docker app to accomplish this in a way that's not as linux-tech required -- to enable lots of options for things like this - such as Syncthing in the example above which sounds like might be a fit for you. If you haven't noticed yet, there's a plugin "community applications" that suddenly gives you access to App Store for dockers and plugins (also shows how awesome the UnRaid community is as almost all plugins and UnRaid specific dockers are from community members . Without knowing the exact use case or amt of data you're talking about or how complex of an UnRaid server you're contemplating, I might suggest that you could choose to have your clone drive outside the unraid array (but inside UnRaid Server) as well (as per the unassigned drives plugin), meaning you could export data locally from Synology to the new drives (IE E-sata), add those drive(s) to unRaid server as unassigned devices, and then have UnRaid host them as shared drives and then of course set up a sync or backup to that drive from Synology. Or (of course) you could use Unraid array drives and make a share for this backup purpose and have the advantage of parity / protection, etc. The reason to mention is that UnRaid isn't designed ...yet to be a super-fast storage target for large backups like ZFS etc. that are more purely designed for that type of role, so backup direct from Synology to UnRaid via gigabit LAN would take a LONG time, which of course may be fine for your use case, was just presuming this is a very large amt of data that you're speaking of. Or, I think what also may be common is to locally copy over data to a drive, insert into UnRaid as Unassigned Drive, then just copy that onto the array and you bypass beating up your LAN for days... And finally, I'd be committing a crime if I didn't tell you as a non-advanced linux user / noob to UnRaid that you should check out SpaceInvader One's youtube channel, chock full of unraid how to videos that are step by step, making even the "hacking" easy. I should add (as the link above notes) that Syncthing might grind pretty hard at your little Synology CPU, so there certainly are more "sophisticated" options like Duplicacy or some drive cloning / backup options like that that you might consider - those could also offer compression, encryption (if desired), alerts for errors / failures, etc. It's just that Syncthing is really easy for us novices to configure, and has some cool features for this sort of use case. I'm guessing you'd find this post interesting too about going UNRaid server to server at disparate locations with Rsync and Wireguard (super simple VPN) https://unraid.net/blog/unraid-server-to-server-backups-with-rsync-and-wireguard PS editing to also add (since you mentioned $$$) you might consider looking at the UnRaid buy/sell/trade link, since new prices are so inflated right now and backorders so common. I'm getting ready to list a dual Xeon server that fits in ATX sized case and is darn near silent for example... https://forums.unraid.net/forum/36-buy-sell-trade/
  4. Just caught onto this today (Thx @SpaceInvaderOne !), saw we're "only" #2, which just won't do --- Just "remembered" I have a Threadripper 2950x new in box - was going to sell the old dual Xeon E5 V2s and upgrade, but now going to bring this out & join the fray with the I9-9900 Hackintosh [AMD 580] and Ryzen 3700x. The threadripper will have to go "benchtop bare" for now, but that's OK. Should probably just use the office for a sauna now 🥵. Think the UPS is sweating a tad.... I am regional medical director for a company that does home medical visits on the sickest of the (US Medicare) population, IE top tier risk for COVID, avg. patient age 80+. We have offices in all the top affected cities in US so far. We're working nonstop to try to keep our patients safe at home. We've had to retreat temporarily to mostly telephonic visits due to shortage of PPE (protective gear) til our supply improves so we don't spread it to them - very frustrating. Now I can feel better about being stuck at home, still helping on the compute side as well til we get to get back safely in their homes. I wanted to thank everyone here for being so eager to take part / take action and with such impressive results. It means alot in the medical world to see folks being resourceful and doing their part. Please stay home, stay safe, and round up some more CPU's for this !
  5. Hello I'm confused with my install - thinking this should be installing an apache server/GUI for me to launch into - but with default docker config settings I'm not getting a GUI option. I Noticed that the Network type is defaulting to none and WebUI setting is blank. Am I missing steps in the config? I was thinking this was a version that wasn't going to need a Reverse Proxy Server, etc -- Thanks!
  6. @SpaceInvaderOne Thanks for the nod for my Yeti contribution to you early on, and I feel lucky to have been able to be one of your earliest supporters and "egg you on" to do this - I IMMEDIATELY saw the value for what you were doing. No surprise to me that you've succeeded and excelled at it -- I continue to be impressed by the progressive quality of your videos, both production quality but the content organization and delivery - your ability to tame this down for the novice is unique in my opinion (agree with the others, there's alot of headroom to take this further in expanding the platform). Of course helping with the mic was very self serving since I've been so dependent on your videos to get over the hump of the limits of my Linux knowledge to get my UnRaid projects to goal lol. However your positive / friendly / helpful attitude and loyalty to the community (and I presume life in general) is what is most impressive, and I agree with your comments about this as such a common trait that the UnRaid crowd has managed to maintain that makes it so enjoyable. And by the way, you now have MAD skills with Camtasia !!! Thanks @SpencerJ for the interview, and of course Thanks @SI1 for all you do.
  7. +1 - ARM based UnRaid (docker hypervisor and NAS features, sans VM's of course) would be grand! Or a pre-curated set of features for an ARM version - NAS/Media center with some household PC backup features built in perhaps. I can see people paying for a one click solution there ! Have a new RPi4 4GB in my hands - will be your first beta tester!
  8. +1 There!! (PS you (we) can also promote SI1 by supporting his Patreon). This has enabled me to go much further with UnRaid than I could otherwise go. I do think that somehow integrating the resources available thru some of the more active Community Members more directly from the Limetech website (and perhaps a "New User" tab in the UnRaid GUI that points to these) would also help the popularity of UnRaid (Squid's App store and SpaceInvaderOne's videos being the most obvious of course). Perhaps then my question is to ask if you'd be willing to consider offering some resources in this direction for the new users? Offloading the high contributor Community Members from the more basic of noob questions I'm sure would be welcome relief, & a Self Help reference can enhance the first impression for new users, and perhaps elevate the general content of the forums over time. SI1 is gradually becoming your Wiki !
  9. I have the same issue with a Hackintosh VM - supposed to boot to the Clover bootloader. I followed the guide to the letter that's supposed to work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk