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  1. Has anyone suggested this for development into a docker?
  2. Wow that was easy. Worked for me without any issues at all. I actually didn't even delete the LimeTech container. I just stopped it, then installed the PlexInc version from the App Tab. The LimeTech Plex container was replaced in my App tab with the PlexInc version.
  3. Yes, I tried an update first, as one was available, then I added the settings as indicated. But that didn't work for me.
  4. hmm odd you def shouldnt have to do that, you would of course need to pull down the latest image but that wont require a manual deletion of your container. In any case, great you have it running, just a quick word of warning, watch out for this bug:- So you need to make sure you define the downloads folder otherwise you will find the torrent just sits there at 0KB/s and wont download. Had to do the same. Tried just adding the port and variable and restarted a few times. Ended up just removing it and reloading it via the Add Docker on the Docker page.
  5. Same here. +1 is this straight away or is there always a delay before this occurs? For me there is a delay. I just updated the docker. I can post a log when it happens again. EDIT: happens right way. Logs:
  6. @binhex have you seen the frontend theme called Flood? Is this something you would be wiling to incorporate into the rTorrrentVPN?
  7. This fixed it for me too. I unchecked turn off debug logging in the preferences window, then clicked the edit sync docker from the unRAID docker menu clicked save without any changes, then my usage went from 78% down to 17% immediately and returned to normal. So [sOLVED] for me at least. Thank you kvinmok you relieved my stress level. I owe you a beer.