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  1. I own a license for UNRAID 6 and have owned it since 2015. I have not really used it though except for a few hours playing around with it. I know that it is truly amazing stuff... but I keep getting into situations where tiny little things make me end up using something else. For the longest time I ran my home from a retail QNAP 16 bay dual 10G system that could double as a router and had a caching system and insane transfer speeds and then I sold it and now I'm using OMV but I feel like now its time to make use of UNRAID... THE THING IS: is there an easy way for me to use UNRAID but also utilize some sort of other array at the same time without an extra computer? Meaning I would like to have something a set of 16 3TB drives in ZFS and then a separate array of all the other random drives? For example right now I have 16 un-provisioned 3TB SAS drives, 15 2TB SAS drives in a mergerfs/snapraid setup (I want to move the data on these to something like a ZFS setup) and then I have a bunch of other drives like a 10TB SATA, 6TB SATA, 5TB SATA, (5) 4TB SATA, (4) 4TB SAS, and (6) 3TB Sata. I want those random drives to be the UNRAID volume. I probably wont be using the 2TB SAS drives after moving the data. Those will probably go to a friend. It's not worth paying $5-10/m in electricity to run them. Anyways... I know that UNRAID does great at virtual machines but I'm not sure if it is a great idea to do a virtual machine to run ZFS or something like that. Any ideas?
  2. I already own unraid but I've never deployed it. I own a 16 bay QNAP that I'm finally decommissioning. I have 20 or so 2TB SAS drives that I really don't want unraid to manage. I'd like to set them up in a couple ZFS pools and then I want unraids system to do it's thing with all the random non SAS drives I have. So I want unraid to have as much of a direct connection to that storage as possible. I don't know all the technical details but I know that with my QNAP one option was a specific type of configuration that I could have had windows connect directly too and then nothing else would have been able to connect to it except by going through windows. Maybe it was iSCSI I'm not really sure. Id like to know if something like that could be set up for unraid. I just want unraid to have access to the data and I don't want anything else to have access except for going through unraid to get to it. So if the unraid computer is off even if whatever controls those 2TB drives is still running nothing will see those drives on the network. Hopefully someone understands what I'm trying to say. Thanks PS for the unraid setup itself I plan to use 3 or more 15k SAS drives for cache (I have 20) and then a 6TB parity and a random allotment of 5 or so 4tb and 5tb commodity drives.