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  1. Das kannst Du gerne machen. Kannst Du sie mir über das Forum schicken, oder soll ich Dir meine Email Adresse per PN geben?
  2. Guten Abend, ich kann auch noch gerne helfen falls gewünscht. Ich bin allerdings nicht auf Github, muss ich mich dort registrieren?
  3. A couple of weeks ago I was watching a video of Linus Tech Tips and he used this case: Define 7 XL Define 7 XL Dark Tempered Glass Define 7 XL Light Tempered Glass That case not only looks amazing, but can fit up to 18 drives. It seems that every fan mount can also be used for mounting a drive. In Germany that case goes for about 200€. Looks much better and fits more drives than my crappy Rosewill R4000.
  4. So, quick feedback. I migrated to the new hardware, booted up and everything is fine. unRaid is really robust, love that thing Hit a minor snag, my Corsair radiator and the two fans are too big to screw into the central metal plate in my case. It is now wedged between the cables and the top lid.... For now it works, I'll think of something later. Many thanks for the help again
  5. Odom

    10GBe card

    I would prefer copper, I don't know my way around the ports and connections that the Mellanox ConnectX uses. I was planning on getting a 4 or 8 port Mikrotik GBe switch that uses RJ45. Thank you for the suggestion.
  6. Odom

    10GBe card

    Hello, I am looking to add a 10Gbe NIC to my unRaid Server. Is there maybe a list of recommended/compatible network cards, or an inofficial list where people write what they use and how it works? I tried the unRaid Wiki but nothing is mentioned there. I'm not looking for anything special, just to have a 10GBe NIC and be able to copy faster. Also, if I add another NIC to unRaid, do I have to do something to all the dockers? For instance, do I have to tell them to use the new NIC, or does that just work? Many thanks! Odom
  7. Yes, that is the one thing I have written down that I still need to change. THanks very much to the both of you!!
  8. Hello, I upgraded my home PC and I want to use the old hardware to upgrade my unRaid build. I have been reading this foruma nd Reddit and just wanted to make sure I undestood the process correctly. I should take a screenshot of he drives setup, in case they don't get recognized in the proper assignments, and a USB backup. I have those. After this, I can simply swap out the motherboard, CPU and RAM. Then put in the USB stick, boot up, and that's it? Anything else I should pay attention to? My current and old unRaid is: Asus P6T Deluxe Core i7-950 6GB RAM I would upgrade to: Asus Maximus VI Hero C2 Core i7-4770K 32GB RAM Many Thanks!!
  9. I love how you can easily increase the array with any disk, the flexibility is amazing. I would like to see more write performance.
  10. Thanks for finding that. In which log did you see this? Yes, the mainboard is quite old. It is an Asus P6T with an Intel Core i7-950. According to the Asus website, the latest firmware available is from 09/11/2010, I can give that a go. This is my first unRaid build and I didn't want to go all out with something brand new without having any experience with unRaid. Now that it is working quite well, I was planning to upgrade to one of the new AMDs and more cores and RAM. Thanks again for finding that!!
  11. Well, I rebooted my PC now and I can edit again. Strange, I don't get it.... Glad it's working, puzzled I don't know why...
  12. So, I have another PC in the living room serving as HTPC. It is also Windows 10. I have the same 3 shares mapped there, and interestingly there I can edit files.
  13. I attached the diagnostics zip file. diagnostics-20191104-1645.zip
  14. Quick update, I noticed the parity check didn't run on the 1st November due to the Server being shut down during the scheduled time. In October it indicated 7 errors after the parity check completed, but everything was working fine until yesterday. I now started a parity check, but that will take about 17 hours.